Inactive Opportunities

Sources Sought: Optimizing Facilities to Ensure Reliability and Maintainability of Large Metal 3D Printers

Sources Sought: Urgent – NCMS is Assisting the U.S. Air Force in Seeking Materials to Create Dorsal Longerons for Use on the B-1

CyManII RFP-BP1 Submission Period Open for 3 Project Topics

Funding Deadline for New CTMA Projects is Friday, August 13, 2021!

Sources Sought: Additive Manufacturing of Lightweight Ground Fleet Military Vehicle Armor

Help the DOD Identify Critical Needs to Leverage Smart Manufacturing

Sources Sought: Redesign Vehicle Components for Improved Manufacturability and Maintainability

Sources Sought: Monitoring Technology Solutions for Shipyard Efficiency

Sources Sought: RFID Technology for Tool Retention

RFI: Corrosion Detection and Remediation Payloads

Sources Sought: Wireless Ethernet Backbone for Ground Combat Vehicles

Sources Sought: Advanced Survivability and Force Protection Subsystems for Ground Combat Vehicles

Sources Sought: Electrical Propulsion and High Electrical Storage for Ground Combat Vehicles

Sources Sought: Aircraft Intermittent Fault Operational Environment Stimulation

Sources Sought: Advanced Diagnostics and Prognostics Systems for Combat Vehicles

Maintenance Innovation Challenge (MIC) call for Abstracts

Sources Sought: Generator/Alternator Redesign

Immediate Request for White Paper Proposal for DPA Title III Funding

Sources Sought: Medical Mask Materials and Fabricators

Opportunity for Industry: Naval Undersea Warfare Center-Division Keyport Request for Information

Sources Sought: Industry Seeks Ceramic Additive Manufacturing Partner

Sources Sought: Medical Evacuation Trainer

Funding Available for Environmental Research and Development

Industry Fire Suppression Sources Sought: Fire Suppression Elements ONLY

Sources Sought: Fire Suppression Kits

Sources Sought: Expeditionary Depot Capability

Sources Sought: Self-Healing Data Collection Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Sources Sought: Robotic Material Handling

Sources Sought: Master Command and Control for Multiple Activity Visibility

Sources Sought: Integrated Global Logistics Network to Allow Model-Based Enterprise (MBE)

Sources Sought: Global Parts Tracking System

Sources Sought: Cold Spray Next Steps

Sources Sought: Autonomous Facility Health Monitoring and Prioritization

Sources Sought: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Generated Work Instructions

Sources Sought: SMEs for Development of Smart Glasses for Maintenance Purposes

Sources Sought: Transition from Cadmium/Hexavalent Chromium-Finished to Zinc-Nickel-Finished Fasteners for Army Ground Vehicles

Sources Sought: U.S. Army Seeks Mobile Vehicle Heater Options

Sources Sought: U.S. Army Seeking Industry Assistance with Anechoic Chamber

Sources Sought: Aviation Maintenance & Supply Ontology

Project Announcement: Confined Space Monitoring for Operations Safety and Efficiency

Project Announcement: 3D Virtual Industrial Maintenance Planning Optimization

Project Announcement: Adoption of Emerging Commercial Technologies

Sources Sought: Unarmored Weapon Station

Project Announcement: Telematics and CBM for Logistics and Sustainment

Project Announcement: Industrial Business Reform

Project Announcement: Wireless Communications for Improved Operations and Maintenance

Project Announcement: Mobile pRFID Phase II

Be a Presenter at the 2019 JCAMS Annual Meeting

Navy seeks demonstrations on Laser Ablation Coating Removal Capabilities

Sources Sought: Rock Island Arsenal Seeks Technology For chrome plating small caliber barrels