Active Opportunities

RFI: Corrosion Detection and Remediation Payloads

This is a Request for Information (RFI) only. This RFI is issued solely for information and planning purposes – it does not constitute a Request for Proposal (RFP) or a promise to issue an RFP in the future. This request for information does not... Learn more

Sources Sought: Wireless Ethernet Backbone for Ground Combat Vehicles

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Army in seeking an industry partner(s) that have concepts and/or technologies to design and develop wireless Ethernet backbone for future Army Ground Combat Vehicles.  Concepts or technologies could address any of the... Learn more

Sources Sought: Advanced Survivability and Force Protection Subsystems for Ground Combat Vehicles

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Army in seeking an industry partner(s) that have concepts and/or technologies to design and develop advanced survivability and force protection subsystems for future Army Ground Combat Vehicle and Robotic Combat Vehicle... Learn more

Sources Sought: Electrical Propulsion and High Electrical Storage for Ground Combat Vehicles

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Army in seeking an industry partner(s) that have concepts and/or technologies to design and develop electrical propulsion and high electrical storage engines for future Army Ground Combat Vehicles.  Concepts or... Learn more

Sources Sought: Aircraft Intermittent Fault Operational Environment Stimulation

PROBLEM STATEMENT Intermittent faults are a growing problem and many of the maintenance issues of which repair facilities contend with are directly related to interconnectivity problems on the aircraft Electrical Wiring Interconnect System (EWIS) ... Learn more

Maintenance Innovation Challenge (MIC) call for Abstracts

The importance of sustainment innovation development and adoption is increasingly relevant as we strive to accelerate materiel availability by improving the viability of the defense industrial base. The COVID-19 pandemic has again illuminated the... Learn more


Inactive Opportunities

Sources Sought: Advanced Diagnostics and Prognostics Systems for Combat Vehicles

Sources Sought: Generator/Alternator Redesign

Immediate Request for White Paper Proposal for DPA Title III Funding

Sources Sought: Medical Mask Materials and Fabricators

Opportunity for Industry: Naval Undersea Warfare Center-Division Keyport Request for Information

Sources Sought: Industry Seeks Ceramic Additive Manufacturing Partner

Sources Sought: Medical Evacuation Trainer

Funding Available for Environmental Research and Development

Industry Fire Suppression Sources Sought: Fire Suppression Elements ONLY

Sources Sought: Fire Suppression Kits

Sources Sought: Expeditionary Depot Capability

Sources Sought: Self-Healing Data Collection Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Sources Sought: Robotic Material Handling

Sources Sought: Master Command and Control for Multiple Activity Visibility

Sources Sought: Integrated Global Logistics Network to Allow Model-Based Enterprise (MBE)

Sources Sought: Global Parts Tracking System

Sources Sought: Cold Spray Next Steps

Sources Sought: Autonomous Facility Health Monitoring and Prioritization

Sources Sought: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Generated Work Instructions

Sources Sought: SMEs for Development of Smart Glasses for Maintenance Purposes

Sources Sought: Transition from Cadmium/Hexavalent Chromium-Finished to Zinc-Nickel-Finished Fasteners for Army Ground Vehicles

Sources Sought: U.S. Army Seeks Mobile Vehicle Heater Options

Sources Sought: U.S. Army Seeking Industry Assistance with Anechoic Chamber

Sources Sought: Aviation Maintenance & Supply Ontology

Project Announcement: Confined Space Monitoring for Operations Safety and Efficiency

Project Announcement: 3D Virtual Industrial Maintenance Planning Optimization

Project Announcement: Adoption of Emerging Commercial Technologies

Sources Sought: Unarmored Weapon Station

Project Announcement: Telematics and CBM for Logistics and Sustainment

Project Announcement: Industrial Business Reform

Project Announcement: Wireless Communications for Improved Operations and Maintenance

Project Announcement: Mobile pRFID Phase II

Be a Presenter at the 2019 JCAMS Annual Meeting

Navy seeks demonstrations on Laser Ablation Coating Removal Capabilities

Sources Sought: Rock Island Arsenal Seeks Technology For chrome plating small caliber barrels

Sources Sought: U.S. Marine Corps seeks industry assistance with specialized training

Project Announcement: JOE2 Maintenance Planning Tool

Project Announcement: Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Industrial Analysis

Project Announcement: F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program Office Digital War Room

Project Announcement: F-35 Technology Analysis and Integration

Project Announcement: Telematics and CBM for Improved Logistics

Project Announcement: Track Pad Maintenance and Sustainment Improvements

Project Announcement: Vehicle Health Management System (VHMS)

Project Announcement: Air Force Energy and Water Resilience

Sources Sought: Confined Space Monitoring Systems

Project Announcement: Improved Training Curriculum for Maintenance Planning

Project Announcement: Highly Electrified Vehicles and Infrastructure Connectivity with Common Electrical Micro-Grids

Project Announcement: United States Marine Corps Maintenance, Logistics, Sustainment, Improvement Initiatives Phase II

Sources Sought: Government Agency seeks technologies for handling materials within dry dock environment

Sources Sought: Logistics Platform to Analyze Fuel Consumption Data Needed by the U.S. Marine Corps