Advance Technologies
Accelerate Growth

“The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS)
brings expertise from a number of companies and a variety of disciplines
allowing them to validate a technology.
NCMS enables us to engage world-class people to help us commercialize our technology.”

Pat Choate, Co-owner, Plassein Technologies Ltd.

“Universal Synaptics Corporation has been a member of NCMS for the last eight years.
Our experience has been nothing short of phenomenal!
Their business model positions them as a leader in technology transitions, technology awareness, and technology use.
They are advocates for where our capabilities could be used within the government. I honestly don’t think we’d be doing what we’re doing today without CTMA”

Ken Anderson, Vice President, Universal Synaptics.

“I saw how API could utilize the NCMS organization for peer-to-peer networking as well as exposure to the government programs NCMS managed with private industry.
Since joining NCMS, API successfully 
collaborated with Boeing, Siemens, among others, while winning a Defense Manufacturing Excellence Award
and an IR-100 award for best innovative research. Today, API has become a global leader in dimensional metrology and is actively engaged in many NCMS activities,
while also providing innovative hardware, software and contract measurement services throughout government and military operations worldwide”.

Joe Bioty, President of Automated Precision, Inc.

“NCMS is a great organization to work with!
To do what NCMS does for us we would have to increase our staff size considerably.
The CTMA Program has opened many doors to decision-makers who need the benefit of technologies that we provide.
We’re very happy to be working with NCMS and partners in the CTMA Program.”

Robert Yurko, Vice President of Government Relations, Spectro Scientific