Sources Sought: Invitation to Reverse Industry Day at DOD Maintenance Symposium 2023

NCMS is assisting the Department of Defense in seeking industry partners wishing to meet during the DOD Maintenance Symposium 2023 to discuss the Department’s plan for Regional Sustainment Framework intended to bring MRO for military weapon systems closer to the point of need.

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The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment is pleased to announce that Reverse Industry Day (RID) will be conducted as part of the 2023 DOD Maintenance Symposium. With the changing defense logistics operating environment, the aim is to collectively advance the utilization of regional sustainment capabilities, focusing on maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), to build resiliency and establish an enduring advantage within the theater of operations.

The RID will offer industry a chance to discuss the Department’s plan for Regional Sustainment Framework (RSF) intended to bring MRO for military weapon systems closer to the point of need by establishing conditions that align the Department, international partners, and industry towards RSF innovative strategies.

Any participation is voluntary, and costs for participation are borne by the participants. In order to proactively plan for future requirements, WHS/AD is conducting market research to locate qualified, experienced, and interested parties who have the capability to discuss the Department’s plan for a Regional Sustainment Framework (RSF) intended to bring MRO for military weapon systems closer to the point of need.

Responses are requested from all interested parties, both small businesses and other than small businesses. All interested parties must be registered in

Place of Performance: 2023 DOD Maintenance Symposium, San Diego Convention Center, 111 Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

Anticipated Period of Performance: December 18-21, 2023.

Security Requirement: Not applicable for this opportunity. However, all RID participants must register for the 2023 DOD Maintenance Symposium at: (blocked hotel rooms can be booked at:

Submission Requirements

Submitted packets should consist of:

  1. The company name and the name(s) of attending company representatives in order of precedence (attendance is limited to three employees per company).
  2. A designated company POC, complete with phone number and email address.
  3. A concise overview of your company’s expertise and history in MRO for military weapon systems.
  4. If your company is present in the Indo-Pacific region, or desires to engage in the Indo-Pacific region, your packet should communicate how your company’s solutions specifically address regional MRO for military weapon systems including but not limited to:
    • How do you envision your company aligning its capabilities with the vision of the RSF? Share recommendations on how your company can further augment the intent of RSF and foster collaborative, innovative, and efficient regional sustainment strategies.
    • What current barriers exist that prevent your company from entering or expanding MRO activities in the Indo-Pacific region?
    • What incentives or assurances should DOD or U.S. government consider to motivate investment in regional MRO activities?
  1. Request packets are limited to a maximum of two-pages in length.
  2. Companies interested in deeper discussions about the RSF during the RID can request a one-on-one session with government representatives, allowing for more in-depth exploration of regional sustainment/MRO-related solutions beyond what can be presented in an open setting or conference forum.


Companies wishing to participate in the RID one-on-one sessions should forward their request packet to no later than November 17, 2023.

  1. The subject of the email must be titled Subject line: “Sources Sought Notice: Invitation to Reverse Industry Day at DOD Maintenance Symposium 2023| <Name of Your Firm>”.
  2. Presentation statements will not be returned. No telephone requests will be honored. No hard copy submissions will be accepted. Submission to any contact other than the one listed above will not be considered. Submissions after this date will not be considered.
  3. The government will not provide or acknowledge receipt of the information received, provide feedback with respect to any information submitted or provide any follow-up information well after the deadline of this Notice.
  4. Proprietary information and trade secrets shall NOT be submitted as part of a response. Please be advised that all submissions become government property and will not be returned. All government and contractor personal reviewing Sources Sought responses will have signed non-disclosure agreements and understand their responsibility for proper use and protection from unauthorized disclosure of proprietary information as described in 41 USC 423. The government shall not be held liable for any damages incurred if proprietary information is submitted, as it is clearly stated this type of information shall NOT be submitted.

Points of Contact

The Reverse Industry Day Coordinators are:

Joseph W. Parran
Director, International Logistics and Strategy
Pentagon Rm#5E621
Office: 571-256-0634
Mobile: 757-771-1499

Lavor A. Kirkpatrick
Strategic Initiatives
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment
Pentagon Rm#1E515A
Office: (571) 372-8300
Mobile: (771) 215-6762

Note: This Sources Sought Notice is not a request for proposal (RFP). No contract will be awarded from this announcement. No reimbursement will be made for any cost associated with providing information in response to this announcement. Currently, no solicitation exists. Therefore, please do not request a copy of the solicitation. Responses in any form are not offers.