Edlore – Member Spotlight

Edlore enables digital asset management and maintenance operations across the DOD and various industries, enhancing the way organizations visualize and interact with their equipment in real-time. Specializing in advanced AI/ML and 3D technologies, Edlore’s solutions extend from interactive digital manuals to integrations with wearable devices, streamlining operations and improving efficiency. 

At the core of the company’s offerings is Edlore Basic, a turnkey software solution that enables organizations to access device manuals comprehensively and scan any equipment for detailed information seamlessly. This platform not only facilitates improved work order and asset management but also provides real-time tablet access to view devices, manage media in a robust library, and access device safety guides easily. 

Edlore Asset Explorer is designed specifically for asset-intensive industries. It empowers quality and inspection teams by providing powerful 3D device manuals that allow users to scan devices for information, create work orders, and explore equipment details for more effective operational management. 

The Asset Tracker platform serves as a fully integrated solution for digital asset management, enhancing the capability of manufacturing execution systems. It enables leaders across enterprises to efficiently manage assets, schedules, resources, and processes, thereby reducing costs and optimizing operational workflows. 

Edlore Remote Expert expands the functionality of platforms, supporting interactive work instructions and remote collaboration through video conferencing and calls. It allows users to engage with devices in a 3D viewer, manipulate components, and access an optimized media library for uploading and retrieving files. 

To learn more about Edlore, please visit www.edlore.com