NCMS drives U.S. manufacturing competitiveness through proven processes, strategies, and tactics. Membership in NCMS enables productive collaboration for active industry, academic, nonprofit, and government participants. These partners work seamlessly through a structured, vetted, and secure framework provided by NCMS. With this support, qualified technology providers can connect with end-users who require their mission-critical innovations and solutions. Through opportunities to demonstrate, validate, test, and refine existing and evolving technologies, active members continue to move US manufacturing toward tomorrow’s technologies.
NCMS Milestones

1,OOO+ Contracts Executed

$1.2B Project Funding

$635M Projects Awarded

What can NCMS membership do for my company?
Grow Your Internal Capabilities
  • Well-honed, documented project management support
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Access to NCMS staff experts in federal procurement regulations
  • Access to DCAA compliant cost accounting expertise
  • Safe harbor environment for collaborative research
Expand Your External Reach
  • Shortened government sales cycle
  • Streamlined business development process
  • Access to federal and state government funding sources
  • Eligibility to participate in an unlimited number of projects
  • Emerging project participation announcements
  • Networking opportunities with federal agencies and other member companies
  • Access to member-only information
Strategic Membership

Invitation Required.
Contact for more information

Strategic level members receive all Collaborative and Community level benefits and:

Convening company-directed, technology-focused summit, roundtable or workshop

Complimentary access to NCMS events, technology showcases, and meetings

Complimentary one page, 4/C ad in the annual CTMA magazine

Unique NCMS, non-FAR based, DoD/Industry collaborations:

  • Advanced Manufacturing, Materials and Processes (AMMP) a “Cooperative Agreement” and an “OTA”(separate membership required)
  • Commercial Technologies for Maintenance Activities, (CTMA) a “Cooperative Agreement”
Collaborative Membership

Less than $20 million = $5,000 | $21 million – $200 million = $10,000 | $201 million – $500 million = $20,000 | Greater than $500 million = $30,000
Membership yearly dues based on total revenue
Contact membership for more information

Collaborative level members receive all Community level benefits and:

Accelerated contracting and ongoing contract management

Defense Contracting and Auditing Agency (DCAA)-compliant accounting

Professional, experienced project management

Only non-DOD access to the MADW (Maintenance and Data Warehouse)

Priority communications for Technology Calls, Opportunities, and Sources Sought

Outreach promoting completed projects/technologies via select media channels.

Member Spotlight and promotions through NCMS traditional and social media channels

Access to established NCMS federal partner relationships

Network of potential funding opportunities, with active monitoring of funding platforms – including BIDS)

NCMS annual magazine and CTMA Annual Partners & Integrated Project Meeting

Participate in NCMS forums and special interest groups

Leverage industry innovation and investment through collaborative projects

Non-Disclosure Agreement & Intellectual Property protection and protocols

Community Membership

Less than $20 million = $1,000 | $21 million – $200 million = $2,000 | $201 million – $500 million = $3,500 | Greater than $500 million = $5,000
Membership yearly dues based on total revenue
Contact for more information

Community level benefits include:

Opportunity to join with other companies in collaborative projects

Access to comprehensive Member Directory

Discounts on NCMS-sponsored symposiums, workshops, conferences and technology showcases

New project announcements

Questions and Assistance

“Membership is one of the primary ways to be connected to the larger NCMS network of members, partners, and customers. Working within the network provides you access to others who provide innovative technology products and solutions.

“Please contact me with any membership questions.  Our staff is driven by your success!”

Pam Hurt

Vice President, Communications, & Partnerships

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