NCMS enables world class members to effectively work with other organizations on new opportunities – bringing together qualified, highly capable companies with end users who need their innovations and technology solutions. NCMS members benefit from accelerated progression of idea creation through execution.

1,OOO+ Contracts Executed

$1.2B Project Funding

$562M Projects Awarded

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Grow Your Internal Capabilities

  • Well-honed, documented project management support
  • Fully supporting contracting, accounting and Facility Security Officer (FSO)
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Access to NCMS staff experts in federal procurement regulations
  • Access to DCAA compliant cost accounting expertise
  • Safe harbor environment for collaborative research
  • Unlimited number of Dun & Bradstreet reports

Expand Your External Reach

  • Shortened government sales cycle
  • Streamlined business development process
  • Access to federal and state government funding sources
  • Eligibility to participate in an unlimited number of projects
  • Emerging project participation announcements
  • Networking opportunities with federal agencies and other member companies
  • Access to information only made available to member


Director of Membership


NCMS members invest in themselves when they join our organization. Successful members engage, attend NCMS-sponsored events, become involved in technology work groups and monitor monthly newsletters for project calls and abstract requests.

The NCMS Commitment to NCMS Members

We obsessively and thoroughly learn your unique capabilities;
We use that knowledge to customize your member experience;
We identify both potential opportunities and obstacles, and candidly communicate with you;
We partner with you to achieve your business goals and objectives
We help you develop and implement your NCMS membership strategy to maximize your ROI.

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences is only as successful as you are. We look forward to working with you to ensure your satisfaction with your NCMS membership. Contact, Membership Director, Pam Hurt at today to join NCMS.

Experience Collaboration

Successful members optimize their NCMS membership through active involvement.

  • Review project calls and respond to potential opportunities
  • Understand NCMS’ role in protecting your Intellectual Property
  • Attend and exhibit at NCMS events
  • Subscribe to the NCMS Newsletter and CTMA Connector
  • Stay in contact with your NCMS Project Manager
  • Refine and maintain your Capabilities Statement
  • Monitor NCMS affiliated working groups

membership Levels

Community Membership

IP and NDA protection

Unlimited D & B reports

Collaborative projects

Member Directory


Discounts on NCMS-sponsored events, products and services

Priority notification for DoD-related Technology Call for Papers

NCMS newsletter, CTMA Connector and more

Less than $20 million = $1,000

$21 million – $200 million = $2,000

$201 million – $500 million = $3,500

Greater than $500 million = $5,000

Collaborative Membership

Community Membership Benefits plus:

Priority consideration during project formation

Member Spotlight and Promotions

Access to and ability to
leverage established relationships with
DoD (including Joint Staffs, OSD), DHS, DOE, DOT, EPA and others;

Network of potential funding opportunities;

direct project management and more.

Less than $20 million = $5,000

$21 million – $200 million = $10,000

$201 million – $500 million = $20,000

Greater than $500 million = $30,000

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