NCMS Event Registration Guidelines

Before your registration process can be completed, you must read and accept these terms of registration by selecting the “I Accept the “NCMS Event Registration Guidelines” box below.

As a condition of registration, you and all others participating in the NCMS Event, are required to agree to the terms and conditions of the “NCMS Event Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement”, which will follow.  NCMS reserves the right to deny access to the NCMS Event if you choose not to agree to said terms and conditions.  If you complete your registration outside of a  web-based platform for any reason, request registration on your behalf by NCMS, or attend an NCMS Event without prior registration,  you are still responsible for adhering to the terms of the “NCMS Event Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement”.

It is your responsibility to complete and deliver any necessary forms by the provided timelines. Your inability to or delinquency in providing necessary information may result in the inability for you to access or attend specific NCMS Events.  Your registration does not guarantee access to the NCMS Event.  Both NCMS and the hosting entity ­­­may reasonably deny access to the NCMS Event for justifiable reasons, including, but not limited to,  improper registration, criminal background record, outstanding governmental debts, failure to show proof of citizenship, or the like. You understand that NCMS is not responsible for the loss of fees or damages resulting from any such denial of access.

As part of the registration process, the hosting entity may require the collection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from the event attendee. Any such information will be provided directly to the hosting entity.

NCMS may publicly display the information you provide as part of your registration (such as your name, position, email, phone number, and a summary of your company’s offerings) within physical print media, online digital media, or other digital means. NCMS may supplement the information you provide, as part of your registration, with publicly accessible information from your company’s website, if deemed necessary. You understand that the public may view NCMS’s website.

We look forward to your participation in this NCMS Event.  If you have any questions or need assistance with registration, please contact

NCMS Event Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement

This Agreement has been prepared for use in connection with an NCMS event “the Event”.  In general, not only NCMS, but also NCMS members, contractors, or other parties participating in the Event are collectively referred to herein as the “Event Participants”.  As a registrant for the Event, you and your company both agree to be bound by this Agreement.

As part of the Event registration process, certain generic information will be required from each participant, such as biographical information, summaries of your company’s offerings, and other generally available information.  As noted above, this non-confidential information may be published on an NCMS website, or in other media, as part of the general communication for the Event.   Therefore, only non-confidential information is expected to be disclosed by Event Participants as part of the registration process.

Nevertheless, Event Participants may become exposed to information, which is considered confidential, by another Event Participant — hereinafter called “Confidential Information”.  The first disclosure of Confidential Information may occur either in an on-site, virtual meeting, and/or otherwise.  In any case, you acknowledge that the unauthorized disclosure of such Confidential Information may harm an Event Participant, and you accordingly agree to not use, publish, or otherwise disclose such confidential information to anyone other than representatives of your company and other Event Participants who are similarly bound by the terms of this Agreement.  The obligation of confidentiality shall extend for three (3) years from the date of the disclosure but shall not apply to information: 1) known to the recipient prior to the date of disclosure; 2) which is or becomes public other than through an act or default of a receiving party; 3) which is obtained from a third party in lawful possession of the same and who did not acquire same from the discloser under an obligation of confidentiality; 4) which is independently developed by one or more of the recipients or; 5) which is disclosed pursuant to a judicial or governmental order.

In the event you disclose information which you deem to be confidential in the course of the Event, you must conspicuously mark such information with a “confidential “ or “proprietary” legend or substantial equivalent.  As an Event Participant you agree that all such information marked and disclosed will be held in confidence as set forth above.

NCMS sometimes publishes summaries of Events and other proceedings. Any such summary will not include any information which has been marked Confidential  Information.