Request for Demonstration: Navy Visualization Workshop

Sponsored by NAVSEA 05T Technology Office
Hosted by MilTech / Northeastern University KRI
Potential participants: Government and Industry
RFD Description: SEA 05T Rapid Visualization
RFD open: July 20, 2023
RFD response due: August 30, 2023
RFD revision summary: package due date extended and location established.

Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Mission

We repair, maintain and modernize the Fleet. “We Keep Them Fit to Fight!”

NAVSEA 05T Strategy

Find and field technology that keeps Navy assets deployable and mission capable.

Problem Statement

Navy assets at sea need dynamic visualization and inspection methods to “see” themselves and the world surrounding them. For example, ships need to “see” above and below the water line, and inside and outside of the hull. Lengthy scanning and/or synthesis of scan data is unacceptable. The Navy needs individuals, working both onsite and remotely, to provide Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) in locations above/below the vessels’ waterline as well as within their interior.

Why you should submit a response

NAVSEA 05T is following a schedule of events that starts with this demonstration, selects a small portion of viable solutions for participation at fleet events/exercises, and ultimately intends to lease solutions for installation aboard Navy assets going to sea (subject to change).


NAVSEA 05T is seeking a minimum of five teams (each team can include multiple companies) that can demonstrate rapid scanning, download, processing, and visualization of a U.S. Navy-identified asset at a time and place set by the Navy.

Required Capabilities

The demonstration team shall consist of integrated technologies that enable scanning and visualization of the following areas:

  • Inside the asset. For example, internal items that may hold fuel, potable water, or seawater. Some may call the platforms ‘crawlers’ that carry scan payloads.
  • External to the asset. For example, the asset exterior above and below the waterline. Some may call the platforms ‘swimmers’ and ‘flyers’ that carry scan payloads.

PLEASE NOTE Cross-organization collaboration is encouraged, but not required due to the short submission timeline. A partial solution will be considered and virtual introductions to potential partners will be made at the event or shortly thereafter. Contact with questions or if assistance is required to find collaboration partners.

The demonstration could potentially identify technologies to identify Navy asset damage, degradation over time, and/or enhance the Navy’s situational awareness. For example:

  • Inside the asset may identify structural problems when comparing previous and current scans.
  • External visualization below the waterline may reveal excessive corrosion or seawater chest obstructions.
  • External visualization above the waterline may reveal asset coating degradation.

The NAVSEA 05T team intends to review all demonstrations, along with select government partners, in order to select the top solutions for participation in follow-on events (e.g., U.S. Fleet Forces and/or Pacific Fleet exercises). The fleet events provide greater visibility to technologies that may solve current or forecasted technology gaps. A schedule for the demonstration event and possible timeframes where follow-on fleet exercise participation will be given to the solution winners.

The demonstration team will need to fully fund their capabilities, as there is no federal match and no legislative appropriation for this project. This includes all aspects of the demonstration and follow-on events, not limited to concept development, technology procurement, labor, and visualization events travel. The government will not reimburse teams for lost or damaged assets.

Additional Requirements / Considerations / Evaluation Criteria

A system of systems is expected, as outlined in the purpose, to enable complete visualization of the asset selected for the August demonstration. Dimensions and static depiction of the item shall be available 1 week prior to the demonstration for those that registered. SEA 05T and supporting organization will release amplifying information to understand scan requirements prior to the demonstration (e.g., length, width, height, weight, etc.). Expect the asset to be floating to enable swimmers, crawlers, and flyer platforms for scanning.

Work location capabilities:

  • Vessel interior and exterior
  • Submerged applications
  • Exterior locations while the vessel is in transit
  • High light/low light conditions
  • Vessel in a stationary/transiting condition

Functional considerations:

  • Ability to “hover” in place
  • Precision movements
  • Visibility in turbid environments (i.e., LIDR, Sonar)
  • Ability to characterize defects
  • Possible tech solution with fall back with mechanical means
  • Buoyancy
  • Size constraints (i.e., fit within manways)
  • Can map defects to location in a virtual model

Initial evaluation criteria:

  • Scan results shall be available in less than 1 hour to the review panel and the total time is from start of scan, data processing, and to display of visual results.

Follow-on evaluation criteria in development related to the following (to be released prior to demo package due date):

  • Autonomous scanning and collision avoidance
  • Interactive 3D model with texture/color (dynamic visual)
  • Organic to ship (all processes done on ship)
  • Mobile platform/equipment
  • Evaluate structure integrity, corrosion
  • Support rapid data transfer and ease of use
  • Iterative views (historical data over time)
  • Rapid hardware refresh rates to maintain relevance
  • Service model
  • Power requirements (e.g., 110)
  • Shipping limitations/restrictions
  • Manufactured parts outside of the U.S.
  • Operational Environments (i.e., underway, at anchor, and pier side)
  • Practicality
  • Useability (human engineering)
  • Durability
  • BDA capability
  • Approval Challenges (existing authority to operate, ATO)

Optional capabilities:

  • Underwater articulation
  • Metal cutting capabilities
  • Underwater cleaning capabilities
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Corrosion detection
  • Metal NDT capabilities
  • Welding capabilities

Demonstration Package requirements

(Note: Response Form at bottom of page must be completed immediately. Full Demonstration Package not due until August 30):

  • Less than a 5-minute video and/or less than 500-word paper that explains how your system best solves the problem statement
  • One page document that outlines the technology readiness level demonstrated previously where proof in alignment to the Department of Defense technology readiness assessment deskbook. (Additional resource, Page 115-116 may help to explain technology readiness levels (TRL) and how SEA 05T seeks TRL >5. See:
  • Package submission point of contact with full name, email, and phone (vendor code or unit identification code, as applicable)
    The package should be submitted via the form below.
    RFD questions can be sent via:

All clarifying questions will be made available for all participants to view between RFD release and package due dates.


July 24, 2023 – RFD released for soliciting government and/or industry participants to demonstrate capabilities to provide a solution.

August 30 – (Package due date) Final RFD collection of demonstration proposals.

August 31 – NAVSEA 05T and panel members convene to identify relevant proposals that will be selected for follow-on participation at the visualization demonstration.

September 1 – Invitations sent to demonstration teams that are invited to in-person visualization demonstration. All invitees with relevant technologies will be notified of their morning or afternoon demonstration timeframe on one of the days September 12-14.

September 12-14 – (SAVE THE DATE) In-person industry and government demonstrate technology at the location listed below for review by government panel. All invitees are welcome to attend the entire event, but there is no requirement to remain beyond their demonstration time.

  • Location: Taylor Boulevard, Potomac, MD; go to building 40 for check-in (check-in building # subject to change)
  • Demonstration at an indoor pool with at least a 38 feet ceiling above the water and water depth greater than 20 feet.
  • Logistics: 3 airports within 25 minutes of the location (DCA, BWI, and IAD).

September 20 – Notification of industry and government participants selected as the best possible integrated solutions.

October 30-November 3 (SAVE THE DATE, Norfolk, VA) Repair Technology Engagement Exercise (REPTX) visualization opportunity aboard a Navy ship for best possible integrated solutions to rapidly visualize the Navy asset.

December 15 participants receive written feedback from REPTX visualization

March 25-29, 2024 (SAVE THE DATE, Norfolk, VA) REPTX endurance event is available to provide longer fly/swim times to assets for assessing capability endurance and to provide another opportunity for technology maturation.

June 2024 Fleet exercise to integrate visualization capabilities with other services, other platforms and other government agencies.


Interested parties should complete the form below immediately.