US Army’s Inaugural Contested Logistics Industry Week Scheduled for September

The United States Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) and Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM) have announced the Inaugural Contested Logistics Industry Week, to be held September 11-15, 2023, at the Army Sustainment University in Fort Gregg-Adams, Virginia. The event is voluntary and open to all interested members of industry, academia, and U.S. Department of Defense.

But interested parties must act fast. The deadline for submitting requests to attend is end-of-day Friday, August 18, 2023.

The objective of the Contested Logistics Industry Week is to help industry partners understand the Army’s priorities for delivering modernized Army 2030 and 2040 sustainment and logistics-related capabilities. Achieving this goal will allow a more precise focus on independent research and development investments that best address the Army’s sustainment warfighting function needs.

The event will conduct four panel sessions between industry and government subject matter experts, during which industry participants can ask questions about the Army modernization priorities as they pertain to contested logistics. Discussion topics will include:

  1. Data/AI/ML education to enable decision advantage
  2. Maritime capabilities
  3. Power generation (demand reduction)
  4. Advanced manufacturing

The event will also feature non-proprietary technological briefs, displays, and demonstrations. Industry partners will have an opportunity to present their capabilities to the government. For follow-on discussions that include “Industry Proprietary Information,” attending industry representatives can arrange for a one-on-one meeting with the government to discuss technology solutions that could not be addressed in an unclassified forum. Overall, the meeting will be at the unclassified level.

How to Apply to Attend

A business wishing to attend the Contested Logistic Industry Week must submit a request packet to the email address below no later than end-of-day August 18, 2023, for review.

Industry request packets should address Army Sustainment Modernization Priorities, which may include one or more of the Army Modernization priorities:

  1. Next Generation Combat Vehicle—along with other close combat capabilities in manned, unmanned, and optionally manned variants—with the most modern firepower, protection, mobility, and power generation capabilities, to ensure our combat formations can fight and win against any foe.
  2. Future of Vertical Lift platforms—attack, lift, recon—in manned, unmanned, and optionally manned variants that are survivable on the modern and future battlefield.
  3. An Army Network with hardware, software, and infrastructure—sufficiently mobile and expeditionary—that can be used to fight cohesively in any environment where the electromagnetic spectrum is denied or degraded.
  4. Soldier lethality that spans all fundamentals—shooting, moving, communicating, protecting, and sustaining.

A completed request packet must also contain the following:

  1. The company name, the name(s) of employees in order of precedence of attendance (attendance is limited to three U.S. employees with appropriate clearances).
  2. A company point-of-contact with a phone number and e-mail address.
  3. Specify whether the company will be providing a demonstration, static display or just a technical brief. If providing a static display or demonstration, please provide the size of the display and communication equipment that will be required.
  4. A brief explanation of your company’s qualifications and experience in the Army Modernization Priorities area(s) and/or the Warfighters’ needs that your company plans to discuss.
  5. If your company is moving into this field in the future, but is not currently in this field, your request packet should explain how your company can assist the Army’s concept exploration of the Army Modernization Priorities.
  6. Specify whether the company would like to request a follow-on one-on-one meeting.

Send completed request packets to:

Next Steps

Companies will be notified of the date and time of their session. Submissions will be reviewed to determine industry capabilities to meet future Army needs. To enhance the exchange of information and discussions, companies selected to participate in the Industry Week will provide any written questions regarding the topic areas. Companies will also be asked to provide written feedback after the event.

Please note: Registration for this event is voluntary and open to all interested members of industry, academia, and U.S. Department of Defense. Please note that businesses that wish to participate in the Industry Week will not receive any financial reimbursement for their participation from the U.S. Army.

Through the Contested Logistics Industry Week, CASCOM seeks to have fair, even, and transparent communications with industry, academia, and other non-governmental organizations to inform industry on Army sustainment and logistics-related needs and to determine industry capabilities to meet said needs.

The Contested Logistic Industry Week Coordinator is:
Lt. Col. Katrina Patton, Army Futures Command, Futures and Concept Center, Sustainment Capabilities Development Integration Directorate (S-CDID)
2221 Adams Ave.
Fort Gregg-Adams, VA 23801
Telephone: (804) 765-7265