Stripelight – New Member Spotlight

Stripelight manufactures intrinsic safe, high quality, portable lighting products to support the DOD and multiple industries including fire and rescue, petrochemical, aviation, security, mining, and more. The company’s laser and LED flashlight, the Stripelight FRT (Fire, Rescue, Tactical), is designed for greater situational awareness and improved navigation in turbid environments such as smoke, fog, and dust. Developed through years of collaboration with government organizations and firefighters, the Stripelight FRT flashlight has been successfully field-tested around the globe, including three years of live operations and training in burn houses in Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Europe, in the Singapore and Netherlands Navies, and in a German nuclear power plant. For the DOD, the Stripelight FRT flashlight can be used to support firefighting (shipboard, shore, and aviation), damage control, crash and salvage, military tactical operations, and more.

The Stripelight FRT is multifunctional, compact, and easy-to-use. By integrating Laser Stripe and LED technology into one flashlight, the Stripelight FRT penetrates through smoke, fire, and turbid environments to illuminate for navigation, read smoke flow, see smoke color and thickness, guide for egress, provide situational awareness, and illuminate around crowed pipes. This flashlight enables users to navigate hints to outline objects, holes, stairs, doorways, room height, provide sight lines, and layout through smoke and fire. Its laser light does not disrupt night vision like typical white light; instead, it provides a blue light source that enables users to see smoke volume, velocity, density, and potential for flashover/backdraft. The Stripelight FRT enables users to analyze the progression of fire by looking at smoke layers, and its scanning laser stripe line allows users to coordinate and locate other firefighters or search for bodies.

The Stripelight FRT has two light sources, a 205 lumen LED and a blue laser stripe, with 5.5 to 7 hours of runtime (depending on LED vs. laser), wireless charging, a unique gear bezel switch with no buttons for ease of use with heavy gloves, and several other patented features. It is suitable in multiple environments worldwide including hazardous locations HAZLOC, ATEX (Atmosphere Explosible), International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx) Zone 0 locations and Zone 20-22 combustible dusts or ignitable fibers. Because the Stripelight FRT has considered the certification required in different countries, the flashlight is usable worldwide. The Stripelight FRT leverages 15 patents in the United States, Europe, and Australia for the technology contained in the flashlight.

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