Project Announcement: Enhanced Smart Displays to Improve System Interoperability and Reliability – Phase III

The US Department of Defense is partnering with industry and academia on a multiphase CTMA initiative to advance the state of the art in systems integration and engineering tools coupled with the latest smart display technologies to develop new methods that enable interoperability of vehicle platform, software applications, and secure network communications systems. This initiative will design and develop a modern computing, high resolution smart display consisting of a cross domain solution using new approaches that will result in an interoperable system that is more secure, reliable, and lasts longer than current displays.

Phase III is designed to evolve the accomplishments of the previous phases, including:

  • integration of analog input into the common display hardware,
  • development and testing of additional prototypes and pre-production units,
  • determination and resolution of cyber requirements,
  • execution of a common qualification of the common display configurations.

The solution will incorporate an innovative engineering approach using modeling and simulation and systems integration processes beginning with an analysis of the technical and functional requirements of the product design. Leveraging these tools and processes, the team will develop and deliver prototypes of a modern computing, high resolution smart display for evaluation and qualification.  Gaps will be closed through the demonstration of hardware, software, and secure communications systems with a material solution that increases operational effectiveness, interoperability, durability, and reliability.

If you feel your organization has the technical capabilities and would like to be considered for this project, please complete the form below and upload your organization’s technical capabilities statement.

Interested Submissions Due by 8/15/2023.

We encourage participation of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs), including Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and Women’s Business Enterprises (WBEs).