Project Announcement: Enterprise Equipment and Technology Optimization – Phase II

The US Department of Defense is partnering with industry and academia on a multiphase CTMA initiative to demonstrate utilization of stochastic, equipment-level digital models of legacy facilities, depots and shipyard maintenance and sustainment processes developed under prior efforts. Building upon successes of previous efforts, the objective of this initiative is to begin optimization of shop repair processes through evaluation and modification of workflow, equipment location, resources, and addition of new equipment and technologies.

Phase I of this initiative demonstrated and matured a comprehensive decision analysis tool to determine an optimal and cost-effective solution to support a future modernized approach to the overhaul of ships and submarines. This tool was digitally modelled, based on an automated Bill of Process (BoP)/Task Group Instruction (TGI) approach, with the given resource constraints while maintaining multiple ships in drydocks and pier-side simultaneously.

Phase II will expand upon the Phase I work by utilizing a digital model to begin optimizing the shipyard’s shop repair processes.  This effort will focus on key processes within the shipyard’s main machine shops to demonstrate the capability to optimize at the detailed process level.

An optimized digital model of selected repair processes within each shipyard will be developed. The focus of this initial optimization phase will be on processes executed within the main machine shop of each shipyard.  Processes to be considered will be those that are core to the machine shops’ workload such as valve repair and pump repairs, high volume machining operations, and identified critical path operations such as shaft repair.  Once processes are selected, they will be reviewed for commonality across all four shipyards to understand existing best practices and site-specific requirements.  The processes will then be evaluated within the digital model for improvement associated with process flow and sequence, tooling, resources, and support functions to establish an optimized performance.

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Interested Submissions Due by 9/6/2023.

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