Project Announcement: Compensatory Reserve Measurements (CRM) To Reduce Injuries and Fatalities in Maintenance and Sustainment Environments

The US Department of Defense is partnering with industry and academia on an initiative to develop a technology that harnesses the power of Compensatory Reserve Measurements (CRM) in conjunction with AI and machine learning to ensure continuous, real-time monitoring of operator health in various settings. Specific objectives include:

  • Demonstrating an AI-based predictive maintenance system for a variety of equipment.
  • Demonstrating the potential cost and time savings provided by this technology.
  • Showcasing the potential benefits this technology could bring to the public, such as job creation in AI and better public services due to improved maintenance.

The project entails integrating existing technologies with the USAISR’s research and algorithms. Using precise pulse waveforms extracted from commercial-grade video, CRM can be applied to logistics and battlefield use cases. This demonstration would occur in a laboratory environment before being introduced to operational platforms. Subsequently, a series of clinical investigations would be conducted to validate and prepare the combined technologies for transition to deployment. The end goal is to embed this software into heavy equipment with onboard cameras, static camera systems, and mobile camera systems, creating a robust, real-time monitoring system capable of significantly improving personnel health maintenance and operational safety.

If you feel your organization has the technical capabilities and would like to be considered for this project, please complete the form below and upload your organization’s technical capabilities statement.

Interested Submissions Due by 8/29/2023.

We encourage participation of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs), including Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and Women’s Business Enterprises (WBEs).