Project Announcement: Advancing Additive Repair Technologies and Cold Spray for Sustainment of Maritime Assets – Phase III

The U.S. Navy is partnering with industry and academia on a multi-phase CTMA initiative to speed the development of advanced additive technologies—namely, cold spray coating deposition technology—to enable the strategic goals of timely, affordable repair and restoration of critical assets. Additionally, technologies for fabricating failed components in-theater or shipboard to maintain readiness will be investigated, as will the digital architecture to uniformly implement sustainment technologies.

The objective in this phase is to expand technology evaluations into two extensions. The first, called Defense Industrial Skills Technical Training (DISTT), is focused on the use of assisted- and virtual-reality-based training tools that can ensure that the training and capability of skilled personnel in the government sector are able to adapt and keep pace with the accelerated rate of change in advanced AM practices. The second element, called Naval Expeditionary Sustainment, provides a framework for the use of additive repair technologies for real-time assessment of a ship’s condition of performance and battle readiness.

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