Pentecom New Member Spotlight

Pentecom is a full-service technical data consulting and document conversion partner, creating innovative solutions for business, industry, and US and international military customers across the globe. Pentecom’s team includes subject matter experts who have in-depth knowledge of multiple sectors including military branches, defense contracting, and technical publication. Combined, their background includes influential roles in S1000D, along with a multitude of military specifications and standards. Pentecom continues to impact the technical data community and the standards that guide it and led the US adoption of S1000D, an international specification for the production of technical publications.

The Pentecom team consistently develops continuous proven, repeatable processes to customize results unique to each customer. The company provides multiple, leading-edge strategies including interactive wire tracing, intelligent linking, common information repository (CIRS), linking to support equipment, and acronym markup for hover-over definitions.

Pentecom provides interactive wire tracing, which transforms a user’s 2D wiring schematic to be interactive and intuitive. With this capability, users are able to highlight and trace wires and different functions, making troubleshooting more efficient. Pentecom’s intelligent linking service is a fully automated approach that gives the end user point-and-click access to associated procedures – a quicker and more efficient way to navigate a document.

By providing a common information repository (CIRS) Pentecom identifies key information and ensures content is the same in each instance, simplifying updates because they only need to be made in one place to revise the entire document. Additionally, by linking to support equipment, Pentecom puts essential information and systems at the user’s fingertips, avoiding the need for additional searches. Pentecom’s service, markup for hover-over definitions, is aimed at quality assurance and reducing time by automatically applying the definition of any acronym at any point within technical data. The company also offers sustainment contracting and quality assurance beyond its core document conversion and consulting services.

The long-term benefits of data management give Pentecom’s clients the ability to better analyze, understand, repurpose, and present content. The company’s newest division, Pentecom University, is developing training modules to address the most requested industry challenges.

Recently, the company achieved HUBZone certification by the Small Business Administration. HUBZone businesses are eligible to compete for the program’s set-aside contracts, and participants get preference in full and open contract competitions.

Headquartered in Palestine, Texas, with a satellite office in Scottsboro, Alabama, the company was founded in 1997 by Kathy Rainbolt and Kim Willmott. During its 25th anniversary year, Pentecom transitioned to an employee-owned company. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.