New Member Spotlight – Main Sail

Main Sail is a nontraditional, veteran-owned small business focused on Maintenance and Logistics Optimization (MLO) for the federal government. The company’s passion is to combine emerging technologies with process excellence to improve effectiveness and readiness for federal agencies with maintenance and logistics missions. Main Sail specializes in leading complex projects that integrate industrial engineering, maintenance and logistics expertise, and digital technologies to model, analyze, and optimize operational environments and processes. 

One such project involves leading integrated teams that develop and optimize digital models of the Navy’s four public shipyards: Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility (IMF), and Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and IMF. The Main Sail team collects process-level data and maps shop production processes to create optimized layouts that improve process flow and throughput. The resulting infrastructure changes will increase the throughput and effectiveness of the Navy’s ship maintenance system, improving the Navy’s mission readiness. 

Main Sail is committed to delivering MLO solutions that exceed clients’ expectations in terms of effectiveness, readiness, and cost-efficiency. The company’s 22 years of experience in both MLO and enterprise resource planning (ERP) enable them to deliver customized solutions that address clients’ unique needs and challenges. Main Sail is committed to delivering value to clients by focusing on continuous improvement and innovation. 

Main Sail is proud to join the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences team and look forward to teaming with the NCMS community to address the toughest challenges our federal clients face. For more information, please visit: