NCMS Supports the DOD’s 2022 Maintenance Innovation Challenge (MIC)

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) is pleased to support the DOD’s 2022 Maintenance Innovation Challenge (MIC) by providing $50,000 of in-kind support to both the overall MIC winner and the “People’s Choice” winner.  

“NCMS understands that the MIC offers an important opportunity to find new solutions that advance the DOD’s maintenance and sustainment operations,” said Lisa Strama, NCMS President and CEO. “That’s why we’re pleased to contribute this support.”    

The MIC competition is open to new innovations that include novel technologies, unique collaborative business relationships, resourcing strategies, business processes, production processes, and any other transformative capability that has the potential to make maintenance and sustainment more agile, effective, efficient, and affordable. The review and selection process provides great exposure as the top six innovations and the final winner are determined by senior DOD sustainment leaders. The top six finalists will present their solutions in person at 2022 DOD Maintenance Symposium. 

The symposium will be held December 12-15, 2022, in Orlando, FL, with the theme, “Next Generation Materiel Readiness Forged through Data Advantage, Technology, and Innovation.”  

Audience members at the MIC session will have the opportunity to select the MIC People’s Choice Award winner from the six finalists based on their presentations. In addition to the top MIC winner and “People’s Choice” winner receiving high profile DOD-wide recognition and trophies at the plenary session the following day, NCMS will provide $50,000 of in-kind support to both the MIC winner and the “People’s Choice” winner. 

Submissions are encouraged from the government, academia, and industry. The submission period is now open, and the deadline is Friday, September 30, 2022. The online submission process involves only a quad chart and 500 words or less abstract.  

For more information and to submit, please visit