NCMS Chief Technology Officer Appointed to Navy’s Science and Technology Board

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) is pleased to announce that Dr. Thomas R. Kurfess, NCMS Chief Technology Officer, has been appointed to the Department of the Navy’s newly formed Science and Technology Board.

The board will provide independent advice and counsel to the Department of the Navy (DON) on matters and policies relating to scientific, technical, manufacturing, acquisition, logistics, medicine, and business management functions.

“It is both an honor and pleasure to work with the Navy to ensure that our warfighters are the best prepared, equipped, and trained,” said Kurfess. “We will ensure that the latest technologies are available and used to their fullest in support of our armed forces.”

Consistent with the guidance directed by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III for the governance of independent advisory boards, the DON looks to the nation’s talented, innovative private and public sector leaders, whose services will provide a more diverse and inclusive perspective that promotes variety in background, experience, and thought in support of the board’s mission.

“As NCMS’s Chief Technology Officer and as a member of the NCMS Board of Directors, Dr. Tom Kurfess represents the innovative approach, immersion in, and engagement with the technical community we support,” said Lisa Strama, NCMS President and CEO. “His deep knowledge of national manufacturing policy issues will be a significant asset for the Navy’s new Science and Technology Board.”

In addition to his work at NCMS, Dr. Kurfess serves as Chief Manufacturing Officer at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Executive Director of the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute.

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