Member Spotlight: Total Quality Systems (TQS)

TQS, Inc., has been providing systems engineering, enterprise software development, dating mining and analysis, and advanced testing systems and services to government and private industry clients since 1994. Veteran-owned and operated, TQS has extensive experience solving challenges throughout the entire supply chain, from procurement, sustainment analysis and planning, to maintenance, repair and overhaul.

Within its systems engineering division, TQS has designed product lifecycle management support methodologies for a wide range of uses. For example, it designed and conducted many poor-performance analyses on F-16 avionics failure issues, which enabled the identification of the root cause of costly “bad actor” mechanical and electrical failures. By resolving issues at their lowest level, it alleviated the need for an entire, expensive asset re-engineering effort. In other venues, it has helped clients develop systems for reliability prediction, condition-based maintenance, and reliability-centered maintenance.

TQS’s enterprise software development has successfully employed the Agile-Scrum methodology to implement model view controller (MVC) and .NET framework applications that meet DOD cybersecurity requirements to support DOD maintenance activities. TQS has deployed DOD software applications to handle serialized maintenance data collection, depot process order documentation, big data analytics, and dormant system reliability prediction, to name a few.

TQS has applied its data mining capabilities and analyses with great success for numerous clients’ needs. For instance, it developed sustainability analyses for the F-16 that delivered $274M in maintenance cost avoidance, with $711M projected for the life of the aircraft. Additional tools have been developed to enable the capturing of serialized/IUID asset repair history down to the component/piece part level; the automated calculation of system reliability predictions where limited event data is available; and the automated collection of data from multiple sources for analysis to create decision support tools.

TQS’s broad capabilities rely on its synergistic mix of former military, DOD civilian, and private sector engineers and technicians who have experience within the Air Force, Navy, and Army as well as the Defense Logistics Agency. To learn more, see