Machina Labs

Machina Labs’ manufacturing platform is the first and only commercially available robotic sheet-forming technology. By combining the latest advances in robotics and AI, the company rapidly forms and finishes large, complex, curved sheet metal parts without any custom tooling. Machina Labs serves multiple industries including defense, aerospace, automotive, electronics, and heavy machinery. Providing toolless sheet metal forming, scanning, finishing, and more, Machina Labs makes the development, production, and sustainment lifecycle of vehicles, aircraft, and equipment faster and more cost-effective.

Using material- and geometry-agnostic technology, Machina Labs’ robots outperform traditional sheet-forming methods that rely on custom molds or dies. Machina Lab’s dieless robotic sheet forming reduces lead time from months to hours. This process eliminates the cost of designing and manufacturing dies, which in traditional manufacturing can cost up to $1M per design.

Similar to how an experienced craftsman uses a hammer to create sheet metal parts, Machina Labs’ robots use an extensive array of AI-driven sensors to gather data and incrementally manipulate sheet metal to form large, complex parts. The company gathers data for every part to create a digital twin with all the relevant process information. This provides the most accurate process characterization and part qualification information for every single unit made.

Machina Labs is introducing speed and agility to the centuries-old manufacturing industry. This unlocks rapid iteration, improving the design lifecycle and enabling a higher rate of innovation. Machina Labs’ manufacturing platform combines the latest advances in robotics and AI so great ideas can quickly and affordably turn to reality. For more information, please visit