In-person events are back and better than ever—Six reasons to attend

It seems hopeful that pandemic restrictions will continue to be lifted and more activities for large groups can be planned. Slowly and with caution, face-to-face events are re-emerging as the preferred method of conducting and growing business. NCMS has four in-person technology showcases coming in the next few months, which will bring key DOD decision-makers together with industries that have innovative maintenance and sustainment technologies. Seeing technology, live and in person, has some distinct benefits over virtual media. A few of them are listed below.  

  1. It’s easier for exhibitors and attendees to engage 
  2. Interpreting body language allows for more meaningful interactions 
  3. No internet glitches to worry about 
  4. Questions and answers are more readily and clearly expressed 
  5. Live technology demonstrations make more of an impression 
  6. It’s easier to build relationships 

Although face-to-face business meetings haven’t become routine yet, travel is picking up and enthusiasm to get back to “normal” is palpable. Each of our events will have different requirements and restrictions based on local health policies, but being able to connect in person will no doubt help speed innovation adoption and enhance warfighter readiness.  

View our events list for more information about our upcoming, in-person events.