Expanding Technology Solutions Through Strategic Partnerships

A strong industrial base is critical to maintaining U.S. national security and requires constant technological innovations. Working with our partners, NCMS helps identify technology requirements and gaps for the immediate and long-term needs for both government and industry. That list is long and constantly changing as we look to the future and develop strategies for filling those gaps. All parties must be vigilant with constant and consistent emphasis on improving and evolving mission-critical technologies. Finding companies that fill those needs by either developing new solutions or by demonstrating and validating existing ones is a key role that NCMS plays. These companies can be the largest of the OEMs or the smallest of the small-medium sized manufacturers (SMMs)—technology recognizes no boundaries. We bring government and industry together to create an environment that allows decision-makers and solution-providers to work together to expand the industrial supply chains. NCMS helps maintain the focus on collective goals and contributes to the success of these partnerships.

In 2019, NCMS will continue to expand existing relationships with federal, industry, and academic partners to strengthen program and project results. Recent Technology Showcases provided multiple opportunities for industry to demonstrate their technologies on Naval bases and shipyards, allowing maintainers and sustainers the chance to experience new technology solutions without ever leaving the base. Future showcases will provide the same opportunities for all services to work directly with industry and non-traditional manufacturers with both COTS and emerging technology solutions.

The following spotlights are on NCMS member companies who support technology requirements at all branches of the military as well as other government agencies.

BMO Logistics is a lifecycle logistics and management consulting company that helps decision-makers better understand the influencers attributing to the degradation or failure of their assets from inception to end-of-life. Launched by a Marine Corp veteran, BMO supports operational excellence with a special emphasis on business processes improvements at best cost. BMO uses a “firestorm” methodology for kick-off meeting clarity and consensus building to manage projects and deliver on expectations. By reviewing, baselining, and assessing the as-is supporting logistics activities, it can discover solutions that provide insight into “to-be” planning, migration, and execution. BMO’s goal is to identify and prioritize logistics solutions that allow decision-makers to proactively align activities and resources to overcome negative operational environment influencers and meet end user or production needs.

Elevate Systems is an engineering design firm that specialized in sustainment and obsolescence solutions for mechanical systems, primarily using AM technologies. Elevate Systems offer the following services: engineering and reverse engineering, finite element analysis, simulation services, metrology, utilizing both handheld and portable coordinate measuring machine technical data package creation/ modification/update, 3D solid modeling, technical order creating and updating.

GasTops, Inc. has expertise in CBM+ technologies and successfully applies this to machinery in aviation, defense, power generation, marine, and transportation industries. Their special technological areas include: on-line wear debris sensor monitoring for real-time detection and monitoring of gear & bearing damage; filter debris analysis using x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy for machinery wear debris analysis and diagnostics; fluid condition and contamination monitoring for oil analysis using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy; and data integration and program automation for maintenance decision support. This includes data mining, limits assessment, fault signature development and prognostics, data integration, and program automation.

Kinetic Research Corp. provides basic research and application of supersonic cold spray metal coatings for 3D printing of parts comparable to metal castings. This emerging technology focuses on on-demand printing of low cost and high volume copper and aluminum components. Higher value exotic materials such as tantalum, niobium, zirconium, and zinc are also being explored.

SurClean, Inc. is an emerging company to manufacture, license, and sell laser coating removal equipment. Leveraging the laser ablation process, SurClean systems remove surface coatings, debris, and oxides in the most precise, safe, energy efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly way available today. This disruptive advanced technology eliminates hazardous waste competing with chemical, abrasive, and plastic media blasting. The proprietary laser beam delivery systems and patented sensor system are integrated with OEM laser sources and mounted on robots for an autonomous system or contained within a mobile cart for portable handheld devices. Applications include aircraft, bridges, ships, rail, tankers, and other major assets that require regular surface stripping for mandated inspections and maintenance.

Vibrant Corporation develops and provides non-destructive testing (NDT) for metallic, ceramic, and composite parts through its revolutionary Process Compensated Resonance Testing (PCRT) to the aerospace, power generation, and automotive industries. This includes materials laboratories and AM, delivering game-changing reliability improvements and economic opportunities to its users. PCRT is an advanced, holistic NDT, enabling the means to evaluate structural integrity and microstructural variations in a variety of advanced material parts. Furthermore, PCRT is clean and green and is the only NDT technology capable of tracking the accumulation of fatigue and damage in a part over time, enabling the most innovative lifecycle management and sustainment concepts. By inspecting with PCRT, manufacturing processes can be monitored easily, in-service part failure can be reduced or eliminated, and parts will remaining service.

NCMS is proud to provide leadership and structure for our partners who align their technology capabilities to government requirements. Contact Pam Hurt for more information about joining NCMS.