Delivering Advanced Analytics Using Human-Centered Design

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F-35 Digital War Room

The Joint Program Office (JPO) currently relies on manually developed reports that require hundreds of man-hours to generate making it difficult to adequately manage a large and complex program like the Joint Strike Fighter. In order to consolidate reporting, the JPO stood-up a War Room to act as a central location for leadership to view the current status at any given time.

The physical War Room space falls short of meeting the needs of the JPO due to inaccessibility of the space and disparate data sources that require significant manual effort to build and analyze. The solution to the JPO’s problem was to create a Digital War Room that is accessible from anywhere via computers and mobile devices; that will automatically generate reports; and will provide groundbreaking insights into the programs financial and procurement information, as well as maintenance and sustainment, production, and development efforts.

The Guidehouse team has partnered with Data Analytics and Digital & Emerging Technology Practices to deliver advanced analytics to the JPO using agile and human-centered design methodologies.

All three teams are working cohesively as one fully integrated unit to provide the JPO with the Digital War Room.

The Digital War Room will provide automatically generated reports and dashboards that can be viewed by executive leadership anywhere and at any time. This will greatly reduce the staff workload by removing the need to generate reports manually and by reducing the time required to brief executive leadership on project statuses. Additionally, the environment will highlight inconsistencies between data sources, which will provide increased traceability and improved data integrity.

These same concepts are applicable across nearly all organizations, public, government or otherwise.

Agile and human-centered design starts with the client and ends with new solutions that are tailor-made to meet their needs. Interviews with stakeholders and users were conducted at JPO to gather information regarding their day-to-day processes so the team could build the foundation of knowledge needed to deliver an outstanding product targeted specifically at the end user.

Client engagement is an absolute necessity throughout this process. Every iteration of the digital environment undergoes review with the client point of contact as well as other stakeholders within the organization to allow for timely course correction if needed.

The Guidehouse data team has a level of experience and understanding that can provide the JPO with analyses and visualizations that are well beyond what is currently achievable. Advanced analytics paired with innovative tools provide the JPO with a view of their program that was previously unachievable.