Cross-Service Technology Collaboration

The purpose of the Joint Technology Exchange Group (JTEG) is to provide a venue to share information and improve coordination in the introduction of new or improved technology, new processes, or new equipment into the DoD depot maintenance activities. The JTEG is a strong advocate for new technology solutions with the potential to increase maintenance efficiency or effectiveness across the services.

Re-chartered in 2013, JTEG is open to anyone in DoD or the supporting maintenance community to include government, industry, or academia who are interested in exchanging information associated with DoD maintenance. The JTEG is overseen by a group of Principals composed of representatives from the military services, the DLA, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Materiel Readiness (ODASD-MR), and NCMS representing industry.

The JTEG actively seeks ways to better leverage technology improvements in depot maintenance through collaboration and facilitation of communication amongst maintenance activities and supporting industry/academia partners.

The JTEG serves as an advocate for any innovation that can assist DoD maintenance in becoming more capable, agile, and/or affordable. Innovations include technology advancements, new business processes, strategic partnerships, and new resourcing ideas. Examples of innovations that the JTEG has promoted include:

  • Intermediate Fault Diagnostics Capabilities: Intermittent electronics failures are a leading contributor to DoD equipment availability issues, resulting in $2 billion in non-value-added sustainment costs annually. Over the years, these intermittent faults have been hard to duplicate and elusive to diagnose. There now exists the capability to detect and isolate extremely short duration intermittent failures in complex electronics equipment. The JTEG is advocating a department-wide initiative to rapidly promulgate intermittence detection and isolation capabilities.
  • Robotics: Each service is striving to develop and field robotic repair solutions to affect their mission essential platforms and operations. The JTEG will facilitate efforts to harness the entirety of the research agencies at the ready disposal of DoD to deploy robotic and automation solutions to immediately affect operational readiness.

JTEG conducts monthly virtual technology forums on the last Tuesday of every month. Facilitated by NCMS, these forums feature a different technology each month, and include participants from across the DoD maintenance community, consisting of military members, government civilians, support contractors, research personnel, industry, and academia. Upcoming technology forums will include presentations and discussions on topics such as Additive Manufacturing, the Digital Thread, Reverse Engineering, and Training the Workforce. All past forums are archived on the JTEG website.

The JTEG Principals also serve as technology evaluators by reviewing innovative ideas submitted by the maintenance community during the maintenance innovation competitions:

  • CTMA Technology Competition
  • DoD Maintenance Innovation Challenge (MIC)

For more information on the JTEG, including calendar updates, technology project submissions, and past technology forums, please visit the JTEG website at