New Member Spotlight: Engineering USA

Engineering USA provides Industry 4.0 digital engineering and manufacturing technologies across multiple industries, including automotive, aerospace, and defense. With clients such as NAVSEA, NAVAIR, NATO members, and defense manufacturers, the company improves weapons systems and mission readiness through digital transformation solutions for part design, redesign, production, supply chain, automation, depot and facility optimization, and monitoring the field.

Engineering USA’s technologies include design automation, part qualification automation, repair depot optimization, manufacturing automation, warehouse and supply chain optimization, AR-based inspection, and IoT-based predictive maintenance. All these digital technologies reduce manual labor, increase operational efficiency, optimize the supply chain, and provide data for effective decision-making. By implementing these technologies, Engineering USA’s clients can improve their engineering and manufacturing cycle times, costs, and quality.

The company delivers a holistic digital transformation utilizing the most popular commercially available technologies that fit best with the customer’s environment. Engineering USA specializes in creating a digital thread that enables manufacturers to visually conceptualize their real-world manufacturing processes, formulating a transition of the physical space to the virtual and digital sphere. An interconnected digital thread enables enterprises to collaborate across all levels within the organization and throughout the supply chain in order to have up-to-the-minute knowledge of the products being produced.

At the core of the thread lies a foundational digital backbone that allows a connected data flow and an integrated view of that data throughout every step of the process. The ability to access, integrate, transform, and analyze data from disparate systems throughout the product lifecycle via this backbone provides manufacturers the actionable information they need to drive improvements and make better decisions for their business.

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