NCMS Technology Showcase at Norfolk Naval Shipyard Features World-Class Exhibitors

NCMS partnered with the Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) in Portsmouth, VA, from May 9 to 11, on an NCMS Technology Showcase that featured leading-edge solutions from world-class organizations designed to help fast-track relevant maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) innovation for all naval shipyards.

Working closely with the innovation leads at NNSY, NCMS identified best-in-class technologies aligned to key MRO functional areas: Advanced/Additive Manufacturing, Workload Planning, Advanced Machining, Welding, Fiber-Optics Repair, Distance Communications, Robotics, Cleaning, Software Maintenance, Business IT and Analytics, CBM+/Predictive Maintenance, Coatings and Corrosion Prevention, Energy/Environmental/Health & Safety, Enhanced Inspection, Facilities and Industrial Process Modernization, Hardware Reliability Improvement, and Workforce Development and Visualization. Also, in alignment with NAVSEA 05T objectives, robotic maintenance capabilities were successfully demonstrated during this event, specifically for hydroblasting.

Over 1,500 personnel from key NNSY production shops, command leadership, NAVSEA engineering and sustainment, Coast Guard, USS Truman, USAF innovators, and representatives from the Navy’s Repair Technologies (REPTECH) working group collaborated and shared ideas regarding how NNSY MRO operations could significantly improve through the adoption of advanced technology and sustainment processes.

Next steps include reviewing data collected during the event to extract business insights regarding the potential benefits of the workforce’s most desired capabilities. Based on this feedback, NCMS stands ready to facilitate rapid technology demonstrations via the CTMA Program and technology transfer processes. NCMS Technology Showcases have become a sustainment innovation and technology transfer best practice, as the maintainers who are closest to the problems are the best source of ideas to improve MRO operations.