NCMS Hosts Sold-Out Technology Showcase at Corpus Christi Army Depot

NCMS’s July Technology Showcase at Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD)—the first showcase NCMS has held at this depot—was a huge success, attracting nearly 50 world-class exhibitors to demonstrate their maintenance and sustainment technologies to a sold-out crowd.

“We could not be more pleased with the outcome of this technology showcase,” said Debbie Lilu, NCMS Vice President of Maintenance & Sustainment and Business Development. “We’re especially
honored that the CCAD depot’s commander, Col. Parker (existing), and Col. Hogan (incoming), attended, along with the depot’s senior leadership. I’m very confident that this showcase introduced talented CCAD M&S leaders and artisans to technologies that will advance the Army’s strategic readiness.”

This event gave industry and academia a special opportunity to display and demonstrate novel capabilities that address the DOD’s most pressing maintenance issues. DOD leadership, maintenance managers, and artisans met face-to-face with industry and academic experts to learn about the latest processes and technologies that can best solve their maintenance and sustainment (M&S) challenges.

“This Technology Showcase has probably been the best that we’ve seen,” said Rob Harrill, Vice President of Lone Star Analysis. “It gave more of an intimate setting with the other vendors, and it allowed us to interact directly with the leadership and artisans who can actually benefit from the capabilities that we have to offer.”

Participating in this event can jump-start new collaborations that deliver advantages to all by enabling industry to gain a deeper understanding of DOD M&S needs.

Chris Root of Sharp Vision Software found a lot of value in his interactions with the DOD. “We were able to ask them specifically what they do, what their pain points are, and explain what our software solution could do for them.”

Benefits for the DOD include a firsthand look at successfully deployed and emerging commercial technologies that may solve maintenance issues such as lengthy repair times, high overhaul costs,
parts obsolescence, hazardous processes, and variable results. This knowledge will help planners prioritize their maintenance technology investments.

A unique feature of this showcase was that both Army and Navy representatives were able to attend, because CCAD is located on the site of the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station (NAS). Corpus Christi NAS serves primarily as an aviator training facility, and provides pilot training for the Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard.

Most exhibitors had technology solutions suitable for both Army and Navy M&S needs. For instance, for nearly 75 years, ZOLLER Inc. has been developing innovative tool presetting and inspection machines, as well as tool management solutions software, for optimal management of cutting tools. The company offers a portfolio of solutions that have multiple applications for M&S personnel in all the services.

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