Navy REPTX Event Tested Ship Maintenance Technologies Aboard Decommissioned Destroyer

At the time this issue of the CTMA Connector went to press, the first-ever Repair Technology Exercise (REPTX) had just wrapped up in Port Hueneme, CA. NCMS was pleased to assist the US Navy with this successful exercise focused on keeping ships in top shape while at sea.

REPTX was designed for government, academia, and industry participants to demonstrate and evaluate the viability and efficacy of products and services that expand the Navy’s ability to perform expeditionary maintenance operations. NCMS assisted with identifying and vetting industry and academic participants via its network of hundreds of innovative technology solutions providers.

From August 22 through September 2, more than sixty technology suppliers substantiated their products’ capacity to tackle real-world fleet maintenance challenges, including assessing and repairing potential battle damage aboard the Navy’s self defense test ship, an asset of Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division (NSWC PHD). REPTX participants addressed four focus
areas: visualization, command and control aids, forward manufacturing, and expeditionary maintenance.

Visualization refers to dynamic inspection methods that enable a ship to see itself and the world around it, above and below the water line. Command and control aids help naval commanders make rapid, data-driven decisions and real-time situational assessments. Forward manufacturing hubs, such as additive manufacturing or 3D printing systems, reduce ships’ reliance on long-distance supply chains, increasing readiness in theater. Expeditionary maintenance refers to the Navy’s ability to perform maintenance operations and battle damage assessment and repair while a ship is forward-deployed.

REPTX was part of the broader Advanced Naval Technology Exercise-Coastal Trident 2022, which began in June and ran to September. The initiative, organized by NSWC PHD, was designed to bolster port and maritime security through field experiments involving emerging technologies and training events with law enforcement and other first responders.

For more information on REPTX, including a photo gallery of activities at the event, go to We look forward to offering a more in-depth view of this successful exercise in the Winter issue of the CTMA Connector.