Member Spotlight: GVS-RPB

At the start of the pandemic, the world came to know and appreciate the importance of quality respirators and the ability to have easy access to them. GVS-RPB, a global filtration, and personal safety device manufacturer have earned its place in the spotlight for delivering these critically needed products.

For decades, the team at GVS-RPB has been dedicated to the development of filtration and personal safety technologies and designing and manufacturing respiratory protection solutions. As pioneers in personal safety, it produces protection devices that have changed the way people breathe at work by prioritizing their comfort. Since safety is its passion, GVS-RPB has a commitment to creating the world’s best respirators.

The company offers a comprehensive range of respiratory protection solutions, specializing in tight-fitting negative pressure, as well as loose-fitting positive pressure, powered and supplied air systems. Its respirators are designed specifically to support industrial operators when blasting, welding, grinding, painting, and coating. To learn more about their product lines, get in touch with the team or visit today.