Member Spotlight: Atmospheric Plasma Solutions

Winner of the 2019 CTMA Technology Competition, Atmospheric Plasma Solutions (APS) is dedicated to advancing plasma technology. Located in the world-renowned Research Triangle region of North Carolina, APS is a leader in the cutting-edge, rapidly expanding field of plasma technology. The company designs and currently builds in-house high-performance plasma power supplies and delivery systems that harness plasma’s power for a wide variety of applications and industries. APS has strategic ties with major research universities, Fortune 100 companies, and many branches of the US Department of Defense.  

The company’s flagship product is PlasmaBlast®, a tool designed to safely and efficiently remove coatings, clean the surface of oils and other contaminants, and prepare the substrate for better adhesion of new coatings. The system can remove industrial coatings found in marine, aviation, defense, and commercial applications.  

PlasmaBlast® is field-deployable and easily portable, with a handheld, ergonomic precision plasma pen and a power supply that weighs less than 35 pounds. With compressed air and electricity, PlasmaBlast® harnesses a “cold” plasma beam to vaporize paints, sealants, and epoxies. The process converts a significant portion of the removed organic coating into water vapor and carbon dioxide, leaving a small volume of solids that can be safely collected with a HEPA vacuum. Independent laboratory testing coordinated by NAVSEA 05 documented that this method does not cause changes to the substrate metallurgy.  

The PlasmaBlast® tool improves the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of those who manufacture and maintain our military equipment. The tool’s light weight and portability means it can easily go to where it needs to be deployed, making maintenance and sustainment activities more productive. Moreover, PlasmaBlast® is safer for operators and the environment than other methods such as chemical stripping, media blasting, or water jetting.  

When used in the construction and maintenance of naval assets, PlasmaBlast® can save thousands of labor hours, allowing platforms to return to service faster and stay in service longer. This same technology can be applied to maintenance needs for other branches of the US and partner nations’ military assets to ensure that critical components function properly with no damage to the base material. Older technologies for surface restoration would typically come with the added expense of base material replacement after suffering too much damage.   

APS’s systems are in Phase 3 with commercial deployments on four continents in Fortune 100 companies. In addition, APS has developed new applications for plasma technology in healthcare, agriculture, and manufacturing. For more information or to request a demonstration, please visit: