Meet ARSOME Technology

As many schools, companies, and organizations pivoted to online school and work during the pandemic, investments in digital and immersive programs skyrocketed. While most organizations have returned to in-person or hybrid environments, there is still a strong and growing market for digital programs, systems, and applications. ARSOME Technology (ARSOME) provides full-service augmented, virtual, and mixed reality (AR/VR/XR) software development, working with companies and organizations to develop digital programs, systems, and applications to better educate and train employees and personnel on workforce activities and development.

Furthermore, ARSOME Technology develops personalized AR/VR training and education programs for workforce personnel. ARSOME’s AR/VR training programs and products include training simulations for occupations that are dangerous, dirty, or complicated. Through simulation, gamification, and storytelling, these programs help to improve employee engagement, reduce employee error, and better prepare employees for on-the-job workforce activities.

In addition to developing AR/VR training and education programs, ARSOME develops virtual worlds and the metaverse for workforce personnel to communicate and learn in an interconnected, safe environment. To meet their clients’ objectives, ARSOME executes a four-phase project management process: storyboard, development, testing, and deployment. Additionally, ARSOME collaborates with subject-matter-experts (SMEs) to develop digital programs, systems, and applications that achieve their clients’ goals.

ARSOME’s team of entrepreneurs, engineers, investors, partners, and experts have worked with companies and organizations such as Harvard University, MIT Media Lab, The Wall Street Journal, Connecticut Children’s Hospital, and more. For more information, please visit: