Advances in Cold Spray and Additive Manufacturing to be Featured at Upcoming Pair of Meetings

Worcester, Mass., a regional hub for tech startups in the Northeast, will host a pair of high-tech industry events relevant to maintenance and sustainment professionals in June. The Cold Spray Action Team (CSAT), and the Large Scale Additive Action Team (LSAAT) will convene June 21-23; CSAT will be at the DCU Center on June 21-22 and LSAAT will be at Polar Park on June 23.

The two-day CSAT Hybrid 2022 event will focus on all aspects of cold spray additive manufacturing (CSAM), with speakers representing a wide range of industries. The special session titled Power will offer presentations from Exelon, Westinghouse, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Topics include the first two ASME Code stamped components put into service, repair activities for reactor coolant pump shafts, and the qualification of cold spray for nuclear components. Led by Dr. Victor Champagne, the agenda features 35 speakers across 7 sessions presenting on cold spray for magnetic materials, oil and gas applications, aircraft, marine, heavy equipment, and space. Virtual attendance is available for CSAT 2022. For more information on CSAT 2022, including a complete agenda, visit:

Following the CSAT event, the inaugural Large Scale Additive Action Team (LSAAT) meeting will be held as an extension of the CSAT 2022 meeting. LSAAT 2022 will address the need to develop alternative additive manufacturing processes for large components normally produced by traditional methods such as casting, welding, and forging. The keynote speaker, Aaron Wiest of Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), will speak on the decline of the domestic capability for producing large-scale components. A series of 15 short presentations will follow, covering a wide range of topics, including rapid large-area metal printing capabilities, advances in large format robotic arc DED, and friction stir additive manufacturing and assembly.

To register for the Action Team events, visit: