Astrolabe Analytics

Astrolabe Analytics works to accelerate battery innovation. The company services engineering teams in fields such as automotive and electric vehicles, aerospace, grid storage, and many more by providing solutions for battery health, safety, and predictive maintenance. Astrolabe has been funded by the US Air Force and National Science Foundation to develop best practices for operating, maintaining, and retiring battery systems in electric aircraft, and other applications where battery safety is mission critical.

Founded in 2018, the company provides solutions across the battery system lifecycle. It also offers custom consulting services to help inform battery materials development, manufacturing quality control, battery vendor selection and cell validation, warranty design and analysis, end-of-life forecasting and predictive maintenance, and battery certification. Astrolabe also offers a data management product to help battery engineers streamline routine data analysis, with additional software products under development.

In 2021, Astrolabe was awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Direct to Phase II (D2P2) Award by the US Air Force. Because of this Astrolabe may pursue sole-source Phase III commercialization work, greatly reducing procurement lead time with the DOD sustainment community and others concerned with battery maintenance and performance.

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