Mobile pRFID System to Support Depot Maintenance – Phase II

NCMS Project #: 140987

Problem: Naval shipyards and other Department of Navy (DoN) maintenance facilities are prime candidates for testing of the pRFID system. Scattered throughout acres of equipment depots are vehicles, machinery and other critical assets that need to be located and monitored for maintenance schedules and quick usage. Phase I focused on development of the hardware, conducting site surveys to analyze installation requirements, obtaining the necessary cyber approvals, mounting the hardware on select vehicles, and generating fielding reports.

Benefit: The solution derived from this effort will serve commercial activities by reducing inventory management costs (both labor and replacement costs) as well as provide more real-time information on the location of assets thereby increasing operational performance. The increased performance is expected to directly contribute to large depot maintenance and sustainment activities as well as wholesale and retail activities managing large inventories.

Solution/Approach: Phase II will involve the demonstration of the new pRFID technology on the vehicles. The objective of this initiative is to test and deliver 20 installed mobile pRFID systems to four geographically diverse sites to discern operational performance and refine manufacturing and coding requirements to support commercial and military applications. These systems must meet the stringent military requirements which should make their commercialization that much easier given the required strenuous evaluations.

Impact on Warfighter:

  • Reduce costs
  • Enable real-time control and monitoring
  • Improve warfighter readiness

DOD Participation:

  • Norfolk Naval Shipyard
  • Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility
  • Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
  • Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility
  • Defense Logistics Agency
  • Army Radio Frequency – In-Transit Visibility
  • Marine Corps Logistics Command
  • Naval Supply Systems Command

Industry Participation:

  • Venture Research Inc.
  • NCMS

Benefit Area(s):

  • Cost savings
  • Repair turn-around time
  • Maintenance management improvement

Focus Area:

  • Business IT and analytics

Final Report