Master Data Repository (MDR) Proof-of-Concept Capabilities-Based Assessment and Data Storage & Utilization Strategy

NCMS Project #: 140485

Problem: The Marine Corps Master Data Repository/Logistics Information Warehouse storage servers are at maximum capacity because all data is being kept with no storage or retrieval strategy, purpose or planned replacement.  This data is necessary to conduct ongoing sustainment and depot level repair.  Additionally, the data is used to affect acquisition decision, improve warranty decisions and justify O&M budget cycles.


  • Reduce critical data loss risk.
  • Decrease sustainment costs.
  • Improve depot performance through greater data fidelity and retrieval.
  • Improve acquisition decision.
  • Reduction of equipment TLCM costs.
  • Support the Joint Logistics Enterprise.

Solution/Approach: Leveraging relationships, knowledge and expertise through NCMS, the project will develop and conduct a Proof of Concept built upon an exhaustive data forensic analysis and coupled with forward looking capabilities-based assessment.

Impact on Warfighter:

  • Increased efficiencies of current and future resources.
  • Reduced costs from the improvement in resource allocation.
  • Enhanced readiness due to a more rapid response to the warfighter.

DOD Participation:

  • U.S. Marine Corps I&L (LPV)
  • U.S. Marine Corps LOGCOM

Industry Participation:

  • Troika Solutions, LLC
  • Tactical Edge, LLC
  • Whitney, Bradley & Brown, Inc.
  • Tracen Technologies, Inc.
  • NCMS

Final Report