Marine Corps Distribution IT Portfolio Proof-of-Concept and Business Case Analysis

NCMS Project #: 140489

Problem: The Marine Corps must comply with a mandate by the DoD, to move toward a Joint Logistics Enterprise environment.  Many of the components that are pivotal to success in achieving this mandate (i.e., the Marine Corps Logistics Information Technology systems) are legacy, unstructured and not integrated.  Acquisition and system development has taken place in a vacuum, with little or no cross-functional coordination and no alignment to defined enterprise business objectives.  Critical infrastructure changes are needed as the Marine Corps continues to enhance the readiness of its equipment, reduce its sustainment costs and increase weapon system readiness and lethality.


  • Industry will have a better understanding of the Marine Corps logistics community’s approach to logistics chain information technology (IT) and cloud computing.
  • Industry can better align the necessary structures that can decrease cost, improve effectiveness and generate new business opportunities.

Solution/Approach: Participants will develop a notional distribution solution based upon the Platform as a Service (PAS) concept of “onboarding” systems.  This solution will be based upon known “best in breed” commercial technologies and practices, then, “fitted” into the Marine Corps Distribution Process. The intention is to leverage as much existing commercial tools/technologies/processes as possible and limit “customization” for inclusion in the Proof of Concept (PoC). This PoC will be conducted in such a manner that it best replicates the real world distribution processes that are inherent with in Marine Corps Sustainment today.  Post this PoC, a Business Case Analysis (BCA) will be performed to identify the validity of adopting a PAS solution set as the best overall value among alternatives, not just the lowest cost.

Impact on Warfighter:

  • Improve Operating Forces and Supporting Establishment distribution systems, applications, processes, and asset visibility.
  • Provide a solution that is effective, deployable, relevant, integrated and open to evolving technology changes in the future.
  • Incorporate a holistic approach to IT integration within USMC maintenance and Depot level repair systems.

DOD Participation:

  • U.S. Marine Corps I&L (LPV)
  • U.S. Marine Corps LOGCOM
  • U.S. Marine Corps SYSCOM

Industry Participation:

  • Tactical Edge, LLC
  • Tracen Technologies, Inc.
  • One Network, Inc.
  • Troika Solutions, LLC
  • NCMS

Final Report