Industry Involvement Needed: Cybersecurity Institute (CyManII) Survey

NCMS is actively supporting and is a leader in the Cybersecurity Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CyManII) as a Managing Partner. CyManII is beginning its work – as charged by the Department of Energy – to secure cyber innovation that will continue to propel U.S. manufacturing for decades.  In its first year of DOE funding, CyManII is creating a roadmap to guide its efforts through an inclusive, open process. We are reaching out to you because of your expertise in the manufacturing sector, as that perspective will be critical to ensuring our approaches are best positioned to be successful. Alternatively, if this is not your area of expertise, please direct us to the appropriate operational/IT/Cyber professionals who are best positioned to share their expertise.

Here is the link (questions are listed below) for reference:

CyManII Quick Survey – Web Survey Tools | QuestionPro Survey

(Affiliation questions)

  1. What manufacturing sector are you in? (Drop-down list of 8 sectors, + ‘Other’ option)
  2. What size is your company (small or medium manufacturer (SMM), large manufacturer/OEM)?​

  1. Of the below list, which is the highest concern or priority for your company? (we may ask them to ‘rank’ these) 
    1. Lack of understanding the risks associated with cybersecurity vulnerabilities in my company ​
    2. Technical complexity of cybersecurity approaches that are currently available ​
    3. Inability to differentiate between various cybersecurity “solutions” or “products” that are currently available ​
    4. Lack of people trained in cybersecurity in my company ​
    5. Perceived low ROI achieved through investment in cybersecurity to help lower energy usage ​
  2. On a scale of 1 (highly unlikely) to 5 (very likely), how likely would you be to implement cybersecurity infrastructure introduced by CyManII if you knew that you would become:
    1. much more secure and
    2. recover the cost of the cybersecurity investments in energy savings?


Thank you for your support.