SurClean Inc

SurClean is an advanced technology manufacturer leveraging laser ablation processes to remove surface coatings, debris, and oxides in the most precise, safe, energy-efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way available today. SurClean is focused on the laser beam delivery components and processing controls. The beam delivery system is integrated with off-the-shelf laser resonators from global OEM manufacturers providing the end user with the best machine tool for their specific applications. 


Susan L Sprentall

Laser Ablation-Precise, Safe, Clean


Traditional methods of removing paint, rust, and other types of debris generate tons of hazardous waste that impacts the air, land, and waterways which causes an imbalance in our eco systems. These methods are time consuming, labor intensive, and impacts quality of life. They are uncontrollable and require secondary processing.

Technology Solution:

Laser ablation utilizes energized light focused on a material which releases the bond of the material to the substrate and vaporizes it as it is pulled through the plasma. The submicron particles are captured in a Hepa filtration system. This process leaves the substrate ready for paint or other type of treatment.


Laser cleaning eliminates hazardous waste and improves working conditions. It is a sustainable process When compared to existing methods. It utilizes less equipment and increases ROI. Handheld or automated Laser Ablation machine tools are precise, safe, clean.