SurClean Inc.

SurClean is an advanced technology manufacturer leveraging laser ablation processes to remove surface coatings, debris, and oxides in the most precise, safe, energy-efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way available today. SurClean competes with traditional methods of chemical, abrasive, and blasting. These methods have been utilized for many decades and are major contributors to the pollution of our air, land, and water as well as inhibitor for many lung diseases contracted by the blaster. SurClean is focused on the laser beam delivery components and processing controls. The beam delivery system is integrated with off-the-shelf laser resonators from global OEM manufacturers providing the end user with the best machine tool for their specific applications. Transportable Handheld Laser Systems, Mobile High-Power Laser Systems, Robotic Laser Ablation, In-line Robotic Laser Ablation, and Autonomous Maintenance and Repair Solutions available by SurClean, an SME, WOSB, located in Brownsburg, Indiana

Laser Ablation – Coating Removal & Suface Prep Demonstrating

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Susan L Sprentall

Demonstrated at:
2023 NCMS Technology Showcase: Tinker AFB AFB

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