Innovative Industrial Solutions Inc.

I-I-S Headquartered in Russellville, Arkansas. We are a solution provider for communications technology integration focusing in the areas of audio, video, telemetry, and wireless communication. We develop and maintain software to display and manipulate these various forms of data. LAN communication with hardware products is definitely a strength for us. We are neither hardware nor software driven, but solution directed. When you have your solution, we have our direction! We have supported the commercial Nuclear and DOD for the past 26 years. We are integrators for many different types of solutions. We are always looking for the next solution to enhance communications for project management Partnering with our customers to provide an on time solution is one of our strengths. Our expertise in the area of wireless technology is a passion for us, we have developed products to enhance your teams wireless applications recently enabling us to provide wireless video in areas where that is desired. We have recently partnered with a supplier of Augmented reality technology which presents an opportunity for a hands free work environment.  


Stan Robinson

Remote Communication Technology

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