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Anurag Kulshrestha

RFID RTLS Solution – Track and Trace Anything Anywhere


Items inventory assessment by using barcode/QR-code based solution is time-consuming and is always dependent on the human resource which could be error-prone. If we want to track where all places an item has been and then it has to be manually scanned and registered in the system. if an item’s scanning is missed then it is not counted or its location status is not updated, which brings operational maintenance and real-time situational awareness issues. Lack of visibility of assets creates blind spots around the inventory on hand and thereby leading to incorrect decisions around ordering additional assets, leading to waste in terms of resource, time and material expense. 

Technology Solution:

Passive UHF RFID tag can be read automatically even from 40 feet away; and these tags can still be read when in a box or crate; so, it is fully automated and provides all information in the real-time. We bring RFID RTLS (Real-Time Location System) with all needed hardware, software and professional services to Track and Trace Anything Anywhere. No human has to be involved in scanning any tag. RFID antenna can read 1200 tags per second, and they do not have to be in the line of sight.


Tracking of assets in the real-time would lead to intelligence around their whereabouts, accuracy of inventory at different locations, optimization of spend and reprioritization of wasteful spend on impactful initiatives.