American Ceramic Technology, Inc.

American Ceramic Technology, Inc. is the ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer of Silflex® Shielding, the award winning nonhazardous, non-lead radiation shielding. In 2005, Silflex® tungsten shielding was developed and certified by Entergy and ANO in 2007 for use in the nuclear industry. We have expanded into the medical, military, NDT, mining and oil & gas industries. Manufacturing is located in California and South Carolina. We have many radiation shielding materials and product options designed with a flexible silicone base. We design custom solutions to help customers achieve their ALARA goals. Silflex® shielding is designed for maximum radiation dose reduction during operation and installation to protect personnel and equipment. American Ceramic Technology’s innovative technology allows nuclear power plants, laboratories and naval reactors to provide a safer, cleaner and more efficient work environment. 


Richard Culbertson

Non-hazardous Radiation Shielding


  • ANO Nuclear Plant was looking for a new and innovative radiation shielding. 
  • Needed to be just as effective as lead shielding. 
  • Needed a quicker application than lead shielding. 
  • Need to be a safer environment for workers to install shielding.

Technology Solution:

The project consisted of two parts. First part was shielding the source. Installation of tungsten shielding blankets with imbedded magnetics that form fit with ease. They were 25-50% lighter than lead which was easier to install and also twice as effective than the previously used lead shielding. Second part was shielding the person. “If you can’t shield the source, shield the person.” ANO founded the fabricated tungsten vest to eliminate concerns that are associated with lead shielding exposure to humans and the environment.


    • Saved ANO Nuclear $319,000.00 in total saving for one project. 
    • Tungsten weighs 25-50% less than lead and twice as effective.  
    • Less toxicity hazard and mixed waste processing costs.  
    • Tungsten is more effective than lead at reducing at reducing gamma rays,  
    • Workers avoid exposure to lead shielding when wearing the vest by 39% through the use of tungsten vests.   
    • The total exposure avoided was 642 person-mRem.