Thanks to all participants of the inaugural Repair Technology Engagement Exercise (REPTX)

The 2022 REPTX was a unique event designed for government, academia, and industry participants to demonstrate and evaluate the viability and efficacy of products and services that expand the Navy’s ability to perform expeditionary maintenance operations.

Exercise Period
August 22 – September 2
Exercise Location
Naval Base Ventura County Port Hueneme, CA


2022 REPTX​, sponsored by NAVSEA 05T, allowed industrial maintenance solutions to be demonstrated in a one-on-one setting onboard the Navy’s Self Defense Test Ship (SDTS). Participants had an opportunity to utilize the SDTS platform both at the port and underway. Individual exercise sessions occurred between August 22 – September 2, 2022, at Naval Base Ventura County in Port Hueneme, CA.

2022 REPTX consisted of a series of technical demonstrations, field experiments, and exercises—both discussion- and operations-based. It provided an opportunity to assess, grow, and field technology-based solutions to solve fleet expeditionary maintenance and battle-related support requirements.

2022 REPTX was conducted on the ex-US Paul F. Foster, DD 964, the Self Defense Test Ship (SDTS) currently based at Port Hueneme, CA. Technologies were tested field forward with on-site learning, adjusting, and repeating when possible.

2022 REPTX was sponsored by the NAVSEA Technology Office, which champions the timely transition of emerging technologies into ships, submarines, and the communities that design, build and maintain them—resulting in a more affordable and capable fleet.

See the Action!

Week 1

Monday 8/22 – 9am – 4pm
Soft Start
Opening Ceremonies
Capt. Hoffman, NSWC Port Hueneme Division Commanding Officer
Damage Inspections

Tuesday 8/23– 8am-4pm
Recovery Repairs
Additive Manufacturing

Wednesday 8/24 – 8am-4pm
Maintenance Inspection
Maintenance Repairs
Unmanned Submersibles
Electrical Repairs

Thursday 8/25 – 8am-4pm
Battle Damage Recovery
Bimetallic Strip Corrosion Control

Friday 8/26– 8am-4pm
Battle Damage Repair
Additive Manufacturing

Week 2

Monday 8/29- 8am-4pm
Out and Back 1
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Manual Ship Maneuvers
3D Inspection

Tuesday 8/30- 8am-4pm
Out and Back 2
Ship to Shore Comms
Above and Below Water Visual

Wednesday 8/31 –  8am – 4pm
Out and Back 3
Digital Twin
Supply Request Response

Thursday 9/1 – 8am –  4pm (Tentative)
Underway Damage Repairs
Underway Maintenance

Friday 9/2
Follow Up / Pack Up


REPTX Kickoff






2022 REPTX was conducted as part of ANTX-Coastal Trident 2022

2022 REPTX was conducted as part of ANTX-Coastal Trident 2022, which currently has over 60 naval, academia and industry participants. ANTX-Coastal Trident is conducted to accelerate identification and implementation of leading-edge capabilities by the US Navy and its interagency partners in port and maritime security. The program is intended to provide technologists with an understanding of the operational challenges faced by the warfighter and, complementing that, the warfighter with an understanding of developing technologies that might meet their needs. These events allow for collaboration between industry, academia, and government research and development organizations and provide a testbed environment in which end users assess the utility of technical innovations before decisions are required on investment priorities.

Coastal Trident is an operational research program established in 2007 to meet the security training and exercise needs of the Port of Hueneme, as well as familiarize law enforcement and emergency response partners with the unique challenges associated with port and maritime operations. Over the last 15 years, Coastal Trident has provided opportunities for operational stakeholders at the federal, state, and local levels of government to train and exercise in relevant and timely scenarios. There may be opportunity for further engagement from 60-plus Coastal Trident participants.

Alignment of ANTX with Coastal Trident provides access to scenario-based, operationally relevant test environments with representative end users not typically accessible to experimenters. Engagement in these venues maximizes feedback on concepts of employment, mission effectiveness, and operational suitability and provides access to interagency partners that expands awareness of technical solutions.

REPTX Participants Were Selected To Support Navy Missions

Solutions needed to address one of the following focus areas:

  • Navy assets need dynamic visualization and inspection methods to “see” themselves and the world surrounding them.  For example: ships need to “see” above and below the water line, inside and outside of the hull.​
  • Naval Commanders need the ability to make rapid, data-driven decisions for command, control and sustainment.  Integrating data in from various external sources and from aboard and displaying holistic Operational Views (OVs) enables real-time situational assessment and rapid, precise shipboard decision making.​
  • The Navy needs an ability to reduce the tyranny of distance for supply chains particularly in contested environments.   Forward manufacturing hubs, including additive manufacturing, enables greater ship readiness in theatre.​
  • The Navy needs the ability to perform maintenance operations underway and in forward locations to improve ships materiel condition and build battle damage repair competencies.