NCMS is assisting our government partners and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in preparing a list of companies with manufacturing capabilities that may play a role in solving critical supply shortages. There is a need to understand the current/future supply base to expedite potential future communications. Review the list of needs below and if you feel your company may be able to contribute, please complete the company profile form.

DOD’s COVID-19 Joint Acquisition Task Force (JATF) has prioritized ventilator and ventilator components as our highest priority items of interest at this point.  Second priorities are masks and face shields.  View the full list below or with 4 week and 8 week capacities here.





Recently Added

Decontaminating and sterilization of PPE equipment and supplies


Supplies (PPE & Medical)

Biohazard Bags
Decontaminating and sterilization of PPE equipment and supplies
Elastomeric Respirator
Face Shields
Hand Sanitizer
Metered Dose Inhalers
N-95 Masks
Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)
Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) Visors
Protective Eyewear
Sharps Containers
Shoe Covers

Specimen Transport Bag
Surgical Caps
Surgical Level I/LLL Masks
Tyvek Coveralls with Hoods
Tyvek Hoods
Tyvek Sleeves
Tyvek Suits
Ventilator Supplies – Medical Gas
Ventilator Supplies – Nasal Cannula
Ventilator Supplies – Tubing Sets
Ventilator Supplies – Humidifiers
Ventilator Supplies – Endotracheal Tubes
Ventilator Supplies – Suction Equipment

Testing & Diagnostics

FDA-Approved Swab Kits
FDA-Approved Swabs
FDA-Approved Transport Media

FDA-Approved Sample extraction (EUA)
FDA-Approved PCR Tests (EUA)

Response Readiness Levels (RRL): What You Need to Know

Response Readiness Levels (RRL) are quantitative measures used to assess the readiness of a manufacturer to respond to an order for the COVID-19 supplies listed by FEMA.  They are used to provide decision makers at all levels with a common understanding of the relative manufacturers capability, maturity and attendant risks associated with a potential solicitation and manufacturers responses for the listed FEMA supplies.

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    Advanced or Additive ManufacturingBiohazard BagsDecontaminating and sterilization of PPE equipment and suppliesDecision Support AutomationElastomeric RespiratorFace ShieldsFDA-Approved Swab KitsFDA-Approved SwabsFDA-Approved Transport MediaFDA-Approved Sample extraction (EUA)FDA-Approved PCR Tests (EUA)GlovesGownsHand SanitizerMetered Dose InhalersN-95 MasksPatient TransportPowered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) VisorsProtective EyewearScreening and Diagnostic CapabilitiesSharps ContainersShoe CoversShroudsSpecimen Transport BagSurgical CapsSurgical Level I/LLL MasksTyvek Coveralls with HoodsTyvek HoodsTyvek SleevesTyvek SuitsVentilatorsVentilator Supplies - Medical GasVentilator Supplies - Nasal CannulaVentilator Supplies - Tubing SetsVentilator Supplies - HumidifiersVentilator Supplies - Endotracheal TubesVentilator Supplies - Suction EquipmentOther
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    For each selected manufacturing capability, please provide 4 week and 8 week capacities. Reference this guide for capacities examples.

    Response Readiness Level (RRL)

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    Select RRL 0 if you have no current or past DOD / Government related experience.