Cold Spray Action Team (CSAT) & Large Scale Additive Action Team (LSAAT)
2024 Event

Join the Action Team 2024 meetings scheduled for June 11 – 13, 2024. With two days of CSAT 2024 followed by one day of LSAAT 2024, this event continues to build with more applications, exhibitors, and new commercial success stories than ever before.

Cold Spray Action Team will discuss current state of the art cold spray technology through various segments from special applications to manufacturing at the point of need and beyond. Most importantly, CSAT 2024 will present in-depth data and knowledge surrounding cold spray technology and collaborative projects.

Large Scale Additive Action Team focuses on additive manufacturing processes that build large format metal parts. Inclusive of Friction Stir Welding, Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing, Powder-Bed Fusion, and Electron Beam; LSAAT 2024 stretches across a broad range of these large scale advanced manufacturing techniques.


DCU Center
50 Foster Street
Worcester, MA 01608


Monday June 10:

  • Cold Spray 101 @ 3pm at WPI Sagamore Labs

Tuesday June 11:

  • CSAT Meeting 8am-5pm @ DCU Center (Virtual Option Available)
  • CSAT Reception 5-8pm @ DCU Center Exhibitor Concourse

Wednesday June 12:

  • CSAT Meeting 8-5pm @ DCU Center (Virtual Option Available)
  • CSAT/ LSAAT Reception 5-8pm @ Solvus Global Center for Scaled Innovations in Manufaturing

Thursday June 13:

  • LSAAT Meeting 8-5pm @ DCU Center (Virtual Option Available)
  • LSAAT Reception 5-8pm @ Bay State Brewery & Tap Room

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