Active Opportunities

Sources Sought: Expeditionary Depot Capability

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Navy is seeking technology that will improve expeditionary depot capabilities. Current depot repairs and overhauls are predominantly performed at fixed locations given specialized tooling, facilities, and staff. The... Learn more

Sources Sought: Self-Healing Data Collection Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Navy in locating AI technology that will assist in leveraging decades of defect reports and repair procedures to inform more holistic analyses and develop repair methods that could positively affect readiness and reduced... Learn more

Sources Sought: Robotic Material Handling

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Navy to locate technology that will assist with locating the material, equipment, and other critical assets. Material tracking and movement consume vast labor efforts. In addition, the lost materials, tooling and equipment ... Learn more

Sources Sought: Master Command and Control for Multiple Activity Visibility

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Navy to locate technology that will assist with synchronizing scalable data platforms for a coordinated approach to scheduling. Inefficient use of resources (labor and material), as well as conflicting scheduling, continue ... Learn more

Sources Sought: Integrated Global Logistics Network to Allow Model-Based Enterprise (MBE)

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Navy to locate technology that will integrate MBE models to facilitate the rapid transformation of facilities as mission requirements change. As MBE renditions of facilities are developed and maintained, no common... Learn more

Sources Sought: Global Parts Tracking System

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Navy to locate industry solutions that increase efficiencies in the repair parts supply chain. Locating and delivering repair parts currently consumes hundreds of man-years of effort impacting combat platform maintenance.... Learn more

Sources Sought: Cold Spray Next Steps

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Navy in locating cold spray technology appropriate to the unique needs of naval repair situations. Cold spray methods although affecting some dimensional repairs do not currently provide for protective coatings, structural ... Learn more

Sources Sought: Autonomous Facility Health Monitoring and Prioritization

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Navy in locating technology that can monitor facility and critical equipment health. Undocumented/unknown facility deficiencies jeopardize worker safety and throughput opportunities. This technology should be able to... Learn more

Sources Sought: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Generated Work Instructions

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Navy is seeking technology that will assist in using AI to capture work instructions. Low-frequency repairs require extensive engineering and have not efficiently leveraged previous evolutions. Supervised machine learning... Learn more

Sources Sought: SMEs for Development of Smart Glasses for Maintenance Purposes

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Marine Corps, NAVAIR, and NAVSEA in identifying subject matter experts (SMEs) for advice regarding a new initiative aimed at developing an optical head-mounted display with hands-free, voice-activated technology for... Learn more

Sources Sought: Transition from Cadmium/Hexavalent Chromium-Finished to Zinc-Nickel-Finished Fasteners for Army Ground Vehicles

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Army in identifying a commercial entity to manage the Army’s transition from legacy fasteners and small hardware finished with cadmium/hexavalent chromium (Cd/Cr[VI]) to zinc-nickel (ZnNi) for use in ground combat vehicles ... Learn more

Sources Sought: U.S. Army Seeks Mobile Vehicle Heater Options

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Army in locating industry that can offer options for heating mobile vehicle cabins for cold weather applications. The heating concepts can include fuel-fired air heaters, fuel-fired coolant heaters, or any other available... Learn more

Sources Sought: U.S. Army Seeking Industry Assistance with Anechoic Chamber

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Army in locating industry that can design and build an anechoic chamber. The anechoic chamber would accommodate testing on various radars. This approach would allow the Army to share the same facility among other systems... Learn more

Sources Sought: Rock Island Arsenal Seeks Technology For chrome plating small caliber barrels

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Army Rock Island Arsenal to locate technology to chrome plate the ID of M4/M16 (.562 Cal) and M2 (50 Cal) barrels to government specifications. This technology would be needed for internal surfaces only. Responses to... Learn more


Inactive Opportunities

Sources Sought: Aviation Maintenance & Supply Ontology

Project Announcement: Confined Space Monitoring for Operations Safety and Efficiency

Project Announcement: 3D Virtual Industrial Maintenance Planning Optimization

Project Announcement: Adoption of Emerging Commercial Technologies

Sources Sought: Unarmored Weapon Station

Project Announcement: Telematics and CBM for Logistics and Sustainment

Project Announcement: Industrial Business Reform

Project Announcement: Wireless Communications for Improved Operations and Maintenance

Project Announcement: Mobile pRFID Phase II

Be a Presenter at the 2019 JCAMS Annual Meeting

Navy seeks demonstrations on Laser Ablation Coating Removal Capabilities

Sources Sought: U.S. Marine Corps seeks industry assistance with specialized training

Project Announcement: JOE2 Maintenance Planning Tool

Project Announcement: Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Industrial Analysis

Project Announcement: F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program Office Digital War Room

Project Announcement: F-35 Technology Analysis and Integration

Project Announcement: Telematics and CBM for Improved Logistics

Project Announcement: Track Pad Maintenance and Sustainment Improvements

Project Announcement: Vehicle Health Management System (VHMS)

Project Announcement: Air Force Energy and Water Resilience

Sources Sought: Confined Space Monitoring Systems

Project Announcement: Improved Training Curriculum for Maintenance Planning

Project Announcement: Highly Electrified Vehicles and Infrastructure Connectivity with Common Electrical Micro-Grids

Project Announcement: United States Marine Corps Maintenance, Logistics, Sustainment, Improvement Initiatives Phase II

Sources Sought: Government Agency seeks technologies for handling materials within dry dock environment

Sources Sought: Logistics Platform to Analyze Fuel Consumption Data Needed by the U.S. Marine Corps

Project Announcement: MK 122 Mod 0 Warhead Section for Sustainable Re-Introduction into an Advanced Lightweight Torpedo Capability

Project Announcement:  Air Force Mission Assurance through Energy Assurance Programmatic Integration

Project Announcement: Depot and Arsenal Executive Leader Program

Project Announcement: Minotaur Common Solution

Project Announcement: Development of Computer-Based Training for Maintenance and Supply – Phase III

Project Announcement: AMC Supply Chain Strategy Phase III

Project Announcement: Light-Weighting Materials

Sources Sought: Robust Wireless Technology Needed by NCMS Aviation Industry Partner

Project Announcement: Durable Multi-Material Group I Adhesive Joints

Project Announcement: Multifunctional Surface Coating

Sources Sought: Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Upgrade Modeling and Simulation

Sources Sought: Taiwan Air Force Maintenance/Sustainment F-16 Project

Sources Sought: NAVAIR CBM+ Training Development Project

Project Announcement: LOGCELL Playbook Phase II

Project Announcement: F-35 Joint Program Office Digital War Room Phase II

Project Announcement: Army Materiel Command Supply Chain Strategy and Metrics Phase II

Project Announcement: US Navy Verification and Certification through Blockchain Concept Paper

Project Announcement: NAVAIR SmartSignal Digital Twin CBM+ Capability Evaluation

Project Announcement: CBM+ Data Integration with Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

Project Announcement: Total Army Operational Mobilization and Replacements Integration, Sustainment, and Synchronization

Project Announcement: Advanced Logistics Innovation Concepts and Education

Project Announcement: Optimization of Supply Chain and Inventory Management Systems and Processes

Project Announcement: Ship Repair and Maintenance Innovation

Project Announcement: Strategy and Innovation; Enterprise Innovation Management Phase III