Visit the NCMS Booth at the DoD Maintenance Symposium

Once again NCMS will have the prime location at this year’s DoD Maintenance Symposium held at the Tampa Convention Center, right in the middle of all the action. Mirroring the theme of the overall symposium, the NCMS booth will highlight innovative technologies that will assist with the lethality of our warfighter, through maintenance and sustainment.

This year, the NCMS booth offers interactive, hands-on experiences. Our industry partners will enlighten attendees about technology that culminates in safer, more productive, and efficient maintenance activities.  From software platforms to surface preparation and fluid analysis, booth #313 will be the center of the action and the epicenter of technological innovation.

NCMS is proud to be partnering with the following six member companies:

  • Maglogix’s Multi-Pole technology creates the most compact and powerful magnetic field with the most effective and efficient magnetic products.  Joining Maglogix is Equipois, the leader in mechanical human augmentation and exoskeleton arm technologies.
  • One Network delivers a multi-party network solution for modernization and growth, a guarantee that the solution will never go legacy, and a real-time “Single Version of the Truth” with intelligent autonomous agents.
  • Siemens Corp’s PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Digital Factory Division, is a leading global provider of software solutions to drive the digital transformation of industry, creating new opportunities for manufacturers.
  • Spectro Scientific is one of the largest worldwide suppliers of portable oil, fuel, and fluid analysis instruments to the military, industry and commercial laboratories.
  • Temple Allen Industries designs and manufactures 100% pneumatic sanding equipment for the military and commercial markets.
  • Wet Technologies Inc. supplies specialized closed-loop slurry systems for the defense/industry, combining high-volume water, media, and compressed air delivered by a nozzle(s) to produce a “scrubbing” effect on metallic, polymer, and/or composite surfaces.

“NCMS chose to partner this year with these specific technologies to present a broad cross-section of innovations. It will be an immersive booth with select NCMS member companies having extraordinary technologies that will be game changers in the maintenance and sustainment field,” says Debbie Lilu, CTMA Program Director.