Temple Allen’s SAM Scaling Tool Gets “Standing” Ovation from Maintainers Working at Navy Shipyard and Liberty Ship Floating Museum

Temple Allen recently delivered three of their Stand-Up Abrading Machines (SAM) Scaling Tools to the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. The SAM had been demonstrated at the shipyard twice through the CTMA Program to rave reviews. The SAM Scaling Tool gives maintainers the ability to remove deck coating while standing up, so the process is more efficient and no longer imposes wear and tear on their backs and knees. The word is spreading through the shipyard channels that this technology will greatly improve efficiency and safety, getting ships back in service quickly. 

The SAM Scaling Tool integrates the popular Aurand hand scaler used throughout the marine industry and offers several significant advantages. The most obvious Maintainers use the SAM Scaling Tool from a standing position and the SAM technology shields them from exposure to excessive vibration and high-grip forces.   

The SAM offers an ergonomic alternative for abrading the tops of aircraft wings, the decks of ships, boats or oil platforms, wind turbine blade molds, and any other large horizontal surface that currently requires maintainers to position a tool on the ground, typically by working on their hands and knees. In addition to protecting them from the vibration and high grip forces typical of the hand tools used in the industry, the SAM also prevents the knee and back injuries associated with these awkward positions. 

Norfolk maintainers stood in line to test the SAM Scaling Tools which have become coveted assets with the purchase of additional units expected soon.   

The Temple Allen personnel who delivered to NNSY also volunteered their time, effort, and the SAM technology, onboard the John W. Brown Liberty Ship, a floating museum. The SAM was instrumental in removing old deck coating and corrosion. The all-volunteer crew of the Brown loved seeing the SAMs in action and especially the results! The SS John Brown, the last of the famous WWII Liberty Ships on the East Coast, is docked as a floating museum in the Baltimore Harbor.  


Temple Allen Industries (TAI) proudly designs and manufactures EMMA (Easily Manipulated Mechanical Arm) and SAM (Standup Abrading Machine) in the USA for both commercial and military aerospace and marine surface treatment operations. TAI collaborates with clients to improve ergonomics, health and safety, and productivity. More about Temple Allen can be found at www.templeallen.com 

Acquired by Project Liberty Ship, Inc., the BROWN arrived in Baltimore to serve as a museum ship and memorial in 1988. The ship honors the memory of the shipyard workers, merchant seamen and Naval Armed Guard who built, sailed and defended the Liberty fleet. SS JOHN W. BROWN is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and more information can be found at www.ssjohnwbrown.org