Super magnet company Maglogix garners attention at the 2018 DoD Maintenance Symposium

At his first DoD Maintenance Symposium last year, Maglogix president Jim Michael was pleased with the interest in his industrial patented multi-pole magnets. This year, the innovative magnets will take center stage in front of hundreds of DoD maintenance and sustainment decision makers as he presents as a finalist at the Maintenance Innovation Challenge (MIC).

“I think one of the reasons that my Multi-Pole magnets were chosen as a technology finalist was because of the safety they provide as well as the quick return on investment,” says Michael.  “Recently I was told from a shipbuilder (who began using the Maglogix Hand Lifter and MX-1000lb magnet) that with this technology they have gone from one hand injury a week to completely eliminating hand injuries related to liner installation.”

Maglogix® Multi-Pole technology creates the shallowest most powerful, compact, effective and efficient magnetic products for lifting, drilling, leveling/faring, positioning, welding, work holding, and custom applications. The compact magnetic field is by far the best magnet for welding in close proximity with no arc blow. Holding forces ranging from 150 lbs. to over 7,500 lbs., these magnets require no power and are typically three times smaller than similarly rated magnets on steel over two inches thick.

Anchoring one of the corners of the NCMS/CTMA booth (#313), Maglogix,  paired with Equipois’s Zero G Arm, will be one of the most popular demonstrations at the DoD Maintenance Symposium.

Michael admits to being a little nervous about the MIC presentation but he also knows how valuable his magnets are to the maintenance and sustainment efforts across the DoD.

“These magnets are huge time savers,” says Michael. “They also lead to a faster deployment, lower numbers of injuries, and enhance warfighter readiness. They’re a custom fit for the Navy and the entire DoD. Presenting at the Maintenance Innovation Challenge is a great opportunity for me.”