Sources Sought: Dynamic Acoustical Weld Qualification

The government is seeking partners to create an acoustical sensing device to qualify weld quality on a variety of metals on Navy platforms and support equipment.   Skilled, artisan welders often state that they can “hear” a good weld (often described as sizzling bacon).  Through the use of an acoustical sensing device, the government seeks to create a dynamic feedback loop that provides an indication of an inferior weld as it occurs to minimize downtime and rework efforts.   Ultimately, we seek to create a device and programming that becomes the qualification measure for welds.   This can then be used on automated welding equipment as a feedback mechanism for quality in addition to current controls such as temperature, angle, and speed.   The system must transmit data via a FIPS 140-2 compliant protocol.  Any wireless system must be available through a vendor in the United States.  Final solution must deliver a completed analysis for Hazard for Electromagnetic Radiation to Fuel, Ordnance, and Personnel (HERF, HERO, HERP) per MIL-STD-464.  All questions and/or inquiries can be addressed to Debra Lilu

Deadline for submittals is Friday 30 June 2018.