Project Announcement – T700 Improved Durability Compressor Coating Hardware Processing to Support Qualification / Field Service Evaluation

The T700-GE-401C engine is operated in all military services, powering H-60, AH-64 and AH1 aircraft.  These types of aircraft are operated in both erosive and maritime environments. These austere operating environments degrade compressor airfoil condition and performance.  The commercial version of the T700 is the CT-7 engine that is widely used across the commercial industry. Commercial gas turbine engines also exhibit compressor airfoil erosion due to contaminates entering the engine inlet. Contaminants such as road dust erode turbine air compressor blades used by the commercial aviation industry, degrading engine performance and increasing fuel consumption.
The application of an erosion/corrosion resistant coating on T700 and similar commercial engine compressor airfoils could result in retaining engine performance for longer operational periods; decreasing compressor blisk, variable vanes and vane segment replacement; decreasing total operational costs and increasing aircraft readiness and availability.
This effort is addressing these challenges by optimizing and validating the performance of erosion-resistant (ER) coat­ings designed for gas turbine engine applications such as the T700 and commercial variations.

Those interested in participating in this initiative should contact Debbie Lilu, (734) 995-7038