Project Announcement: Mobile pRFID System to Support Depot Maintenance Concept Paper

Several U.S. military partners are interested in introducing passive radio frequency identification (pRFID) systems to their facilities to augment inventory management efforts. These systems must be capable of being mounted on a powered vehicle (e.g., forklifts), reading pRFID tags within a radius of 15 feet, and interfacing with existing pRFID-tag-tracking software systems. Crucially, they must also have an integrated geo-positioning capability (i.e., GPS).

pRFID systems that use readers installed at a limited number of fixed points are the backbone of many inventory management systems, allowing managers to track when and where pRFID-tagged assets leave the inventory. Some systems mount readers on mobile platforms, but these frequently lack geo-positioning functionality that records an asset’s location when its tag is read. A pRFID system that combines both these advantages would significantly reduce the time and labor needed to identify, count, and locate assets in large facilities or in an outdoor space.

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